Vercelli Synagogue

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Vercelli Synagogue
Synagogue de Verceil - vue d'ensemble.JPG
Basic information
Location Vercelli, Italy
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Rite Italki
Country Italy
Status Active
Website Vercelli ebraica
Architectural description
Architect(s) Marco Treves
Architectural style Moorish revival
Completed 1878

The Vercelli Synagogue (Italian: Tempio Israelitico) is a synagogue in Vercelli, Italy.[1]

The synagogue, located at Via Foà 70, was built in 1878. It was designed by Marco Treves, an architect born in Vercelli who also designed the Great Synagogue of Florence.[2]

The Moorish Revival synagogue features red-and-white masonry courses and a flat, tripartite facade with a raised central portion, that resembles a number of other European and American synagogues with designs inspired by Vienna's Leopoldstädter Tempel, by architect Ludwig Förster.[3]

A major restoration project was launched in 2007.[4]


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Coordinates: 45°19′32.69″N 8°25′33.1″E / 45.3257472°N 8.425861°E / 45.3257472; 8.425861