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The port of Vibo Marina

Vibo Marina is a port town in the province of Vibo Valentia, in the Calabria region of southern Italy. It is a frazione of the town of Vibo Valentia. It has around 10,000 inhabitants.

The town lies in the Gulf of Saint Eufemia, on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Pizzo and Bivona are nearby; other important towns near Vibo Marina are Vibo Valentia, Lamezia Terme and Tropea.


In the 3rd century BC, Agathocles the tyrant of Syracuse ordered the construction of a harbour where Vibo Marina now stands. The installation of the harbour goes from the caste of Bivona to the high part of Vibo Marina, where a Roman manor had existed in ancient times.

Vibo Marina was originally called Porto Santa Venere (Saint Venus' Harbour). A legend tells that the local fishermen discovered on the sandy shore a statue of Saint Venus. Under the Fascist government, the name was changed in 1928 to Vibo Marina.


It is an important industrial area in the economy of the Vibo Valentia province. Here there is an important commercial and tourist harbour for the petrol distribution, fish selling (especially tuna), Aeolian Islands sea connection, etc.

There are some industries for the manufacturing of oil.

Another view of Vibo Marina

Coordinates: 38°40′55″N 16°3′58″E / 38.68194°N 16.06611°E / 38.68194; 16.06611