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Vick may refer to:

Given name[edit]


  • Blane Vick (born 1987), American politician in Georgia
  • Brandon Vick, American politician in the Washington House of Representatives
  • Dick Vick (1892–1980), American football player
  • Edward Vick, American naval officer, businessman, and volunteer worker for veterans' causes
  • Edward R. Vick (born 1958), Managing Director of Vick Foundation
  • Ernie Vick, (1900–1980), American football and baseball player
  • George Beauchamp Vick (1901–1975), American Baptist pastor
  • Godfrey Vick (1892–1958), English lawyer and judge
  • Graham Vick (born 1953), English opera director
  • Harold Vick (1936–1987), American saxophonist and flautist
  • James Vick (born 1987), American mixed martial artist
  • Marcus Vick (born 1984), American football player
  • Michael Vick (born 1980), American football player
  • Roger Vick (born 1964), American football player
  • Sammy Vick (1895–1986), American baseball player
  • Steve Vick (born 1956), American politician in the Idaho Senate
  • Ted Vick (born 1972), American politician in the South Carolina House of Representatives
  • Walker Whiting Vick (1878-1926), aide to Woodrow Wilson


Other uses[edit]

  • Karen Vick, a character on the American comedy detective drama Psych

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