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This article is about the given name. For the Pakistani comedian and actor, see Naseem Vicky. For the 1953 film noir, see Vicki (film). For moped models, see Victoria (motorcycle).

Vicky, Vickie or Vicki is a feminine given name, often a short form (hypocorism) of Victoria. It may refer to:


  • family nickname of Victoria, Princess Royal (1840-1901), wife of German Emperor Frederick III, mother of Emperor Wilhelm II and daughter of Queen Victoria of Great Britain
  • Vicki Adams (born 1989), Scottish curler
  • Victoria Vicki Barr (athlete) (born 1982), British sprinter
  • Victoria Vicky Beeching (born 1979), British musician and religious commentator
  • Victoria Vicky Binns (born 1981), English actress
  • Vicky Botwright (born 1977), English squash coach and former player
  • Vicki Brown (1940-1991), English singer born Victoria Haseman
  • Victoria Vicky Bullett (born 1967), American college head basketball coach and retired Women's National Basketball Association player
  • Vicki Cardwell (born 1955), Australian retired squash player, former world no. 1
  • Vickie Chapman (born 1957), Australian politician and lawyer
  • Vicki Cruse (1967–2009), American aerobatic pilot and administrator
  • Vicky Darling (born 1966), Australian politician
  • Victoria Vicky Entwistle (born 1968), English actress best known for her work on the soap opera Coronation Street
  • Vicky Exley (born 1975), British former footballer
  • Victoria Vicky Foxcroft (born 1977), British politician
  • Victoria Vicky Galindo (born 1983), American softball player
  • Ondrea Gates (born 1962), American professional female bodybuilder
  • Vickie Gates (actress), British actress
  • Vickie Guerrero (born 1968), American professional wrestling personality
  • Vicky Hartzler (born 1960), American politician
  • Vicky Hadjivassiliou (born 1971), Greek author and politician
  • Vicky Holland (born 1986), English triathlete
  • Vicky Hurst (born 1990), American LPGA golfer
  • Vicki Jensen, American politician elected to the Minnesota Senate in 2012
  • Victoria Vicky Jenson (born 1960), film director of both live-action and animated films, most notably Shrek
  • Vickie Johnson (born 1972), American retired Women's National Basketball Association player
  • Vicky Kaya (born 1978), Greek model and television presenter
  • Victoria Vicky Kippin (born 1942), Australian former politician
  • Vicky Lau, Hong Kong chef
  • Victoria Vicki Lawrence (born 1949), American actress, comedian and singer
  • Vicky Leandros, stage name of Greek singer Vassiliki, Baroness von Ruffin (born 1949 or 1952)
  • Maria Victoria Vicky Losada (born 1991), Spanish footballer
  • Victoria Vicky Lupton (born 1972), British retired race walker
  • Vicky McClure (born 1983), English actress
  • Vickie D. McDonald (born 1947), American politician and Nebraska state senator
  • Vicky McGehee (fl. 1997-present), American country music songwriter
  • Vasiliki Vicky Moscholiou (1943-2005), Greek singer
  • Vickie Natale (born 1980), American singer
  • Vicki Nelson-Dunbar (born 1962), American former tennis player
  • Victoria Vickie Orr (born 1967), American retired basketball player
  • Vickie Panos (1920-?), Canadian All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
  • Vicky Parnov (born 1990), Australian pole vaulter
  • Victoria Vicki Peterson (born 1958), American rock guitarist, singer and songwriter, member of The Bangles
  • Vicky Pryce, disgraced Greek-born British economist born Vasiliki Kourmouzi in 1952
  • Vicki Schmidt (born 1955), American politician
  • Vicky Theodoridou (born 1982), Greek handball player
  • Vicky Vanita (died 2007), Greek actress
  • Victoria Vicki Van Meter (1982-2008), American aviator
  • Vicky Vilagos (born 1963), Canadian synchronized swimmer
  • Vicki Ward (born 1969), Australian politician
  • Victoria Vicky Ward, British-born author, investigative journalist, columnist, television commentator and former editor
  • Vicki Wickham (born 1939), English talent manager, entertainment producer and songwriter
  • Vickie Winans, American gospel singer born Viviane Bowman in 1953


  • Yitzhak Vicky Peretz (born 1953), Israeli football manager and former player
  • Vicky, pen name of Victor Weisz (1913-1966), German-British political cartoonist

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