Victoria the White Cat

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Anna Sąsiadek as Victoria (left) and Wojciech Socha as Skimbleshanks in the musical "Cats" in Roma Musical Theatre in Warsaw, 2 December 2007.

Victoria, aka 'White Cat', is a principal role in Cats the Musical. She is named after the character of the same name in T. S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, where she is named after T. S. Eliot's favorite monarch, Queen Victoria[citation needed]. The role is primarily a dance role, demanding extensive ballet training and a high amount of flexibility. She is featured in multiple dance solos throughout the musical, as well as being in a leading position in several group numbers and taking part in a Pas de Deux during the Jellicle Ball dance routine.

Character Biography/Description[edit]

At the start of the musical, she is seen doing a brief solo dance before dancing with Quaxo/Mistoffelees to kick off the Jellicle Ball. She engages heavily in the dancing throughout the beginning of the show, leading all the cats in the "Song of the Jellicles". Victoria is one of the many female kittens (Jemima, Electra, and Etcetera) who swoon over Rum Tum Tugger during his song. During the ball, she participates in a ceremonial mating dance (Pas de Deux) with Plato. She appears to be rather close to Mr. Mistoffelees and Jemima. She and Jemima are the first cats who accept Grizabella, despite initially being held back by the older Jellicles. Victoria is the second cat to fully accept Grizabella at the end of the show which leads to her reacceptance by the Jellicles and ascension to the Heavyside Layer. Victoria is a very quiet cat, with no solo singing roles; however, she is frequently spotlighted as a dancer.


Victoria is known for her distinct white coat, which stands out amongst the multi-colored markings of the other cats. Although her costume is designed to give the impression of a pure-white cat, due to the limitations of stage lighting (a pure white costume would wash out all costume details under stage lighting), she has light gold, tan, or grey markings on her costume. Her memorable visage is individual in comparison to the other Jellicles, as the only solid white cat in the junkyard. Her singular appearance also makes her a frequent subject for advertising for the musical. She has a pink bejeweled collar around her neck.

Notable Actors[edit]

The role of Victoria was originated by Finola Hughes in the original West End production and by Cynthia Onrubia in the original Broadway production. Phyllida Crowley Smith portrayed her in the 1998 filmed version of the musical. The character is played by Georgina Pazcoguin in the 2016 Broadway Revival.


  • Mariana Harper (2016 Limelight Cast)