Victorino Mapa High School

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Victorino Mapa High School
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Facade showing the name of the School
Soar High Mapa High, Excellence Forever

Philippines 300 San Rafael St.

San Miguel, Manila
Coordinates 14°35′52″N 120°59′32″E / 14.597905°N 120.992108°E / 14.597905; 120.992108
Type Public with Special Science
Established 1923
Principal Dr. Yolanda F. Tolentino
Number of students approx. 8,000
Medium of language English, Filipino
Campus Urban
Color(s) Blue, White            
Nickname VMHS, Mapa
Newspaper The Mapazette, Ang Gabay and Ang Likha
Affiliations Division of City Schools-Manila
Hymn "V.Mapa High School Hymn"

Victorino Mapa High School (Filipino: Mataas na Paaralang Victorino Mapa) (formerly Manila East High School), situated in San Miguel, Manila, is one of the oldest public high schools in the city. It has produced a list of successful graduates in various fields since its foundation in 1923.

Along with Manila Science High School, Ramon Magsaysay High School, Manuel Roxas High School, Arellano (Manila North) High School, and Araullo High School, Victorino Mapa offers rigorous Special Science courses to selected top students. The institution is considered as one of the top schools in Manila in terms of its performance in achievement tests and competitions. In 2007, VMHS was named one of the cleanest schools in Manila.


Victorino Mapa High School opened its first classes (Manila East High School) as one of the four schools in City of Manila together with Torres High School (Manila South High School) and Arellano (Manila North) High School in June 1923.

The school has been under the administration of principals since it was founded in June 1923. The three of these were Americans namely, John Carl, Sarah M. England and James Burns. The first Filipino principal was Indolencio Madamba, installed in 1951. In his term, the Parents-Teachers Association was organized and succession of principals took over, after Madamba retired in May 1956.

Student population of VMHS traditionally come from the district of San Miguel, Quiapo, Sampaloc and Santa Mesa consisting of family homogenous in economic and social standards with a few transferees from provinces.

The school once had a biggest student population of 11,481 with a faculty of 488. Victorino Mapa at present boasts of a big and well-equipped auditorium (now known as "Bulwagang Velayo") and a more sprawling gymnasium, an elevator and well-equipped and updated science laboratories, thus is always the venue for many educational, civic, cultural and social gatherings in the city of Manila.


Regular Curriculum[edit]

Subjects Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10
Science General Science Biology Chemistry Physics
Mathematics Elementary Algebra Intermediate Algebra Geometry Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry
English Language and Communication Skills 7 Language and Communication Skills 8 Language and Communication Skills 9 Language and Communication Skills 10
Filipino Wika, Panitikan, Kayumanggi 7 at Ibong Adarna Wika, Panitikan, Kayumanggi 8 at Florante At Laura Teoryang Pampanitikan, Kayumanggi 9 at Noli Me Tangere Wika, Panitikan, Kayumanggi 10 at El Filibusterismo
Social Studies Philippine History and Government Asian History World History Economics
MAPEH Music (Theory), Arts (Theory), Physical Education & Health 7 Music (Philippine), Arts (Philippine), Physical Education & Health 8 Music (Asian), Arts (Asian), Physical Education & Health 9 Music (World), Arts, Physical Education & Health 10
Technology and Home Economics/Livelihood Education 1. TLE/THE 7
2. Vocational 7 (Ang Likha) Journalism*
1. TLE/THE 8
2. Vocational 8 (Ang Likha) Journalism*
1. TLE/THE 9
2. Vocational 9 (Ang Gabay/Mapazette) Journalism*
1. TLE/THE 10
2.Vocational 10 (Ang Gabay/Mapazette) Journalism*
Values Education Values Education 7 Values Education 8 Values Education 9 Values Education 10

Special Science Curriculum[edit]

The establishment of the Special Science curriculum is spearheaded by the Department of Science and Technology- Science Education Institute, with the first batch being accepted in first year high school level in 1969. For the moment, support form DOST has been withdrawn and Special Science classes are maintained by the Division of City Schools in the implementing schools namely Manuel A. Roxas High School, Ramon Magsaysay High School, Victorino Mapa High School, Arellano High School and Araullo High School, with the exception of Manila Science High School which is a recognized science high school.

To be eligible for the Special Science sections, applicants must have final grades no lower than 85 in Science, Math and English and 83 in other subjects. They are subjected to examination which includes knowledge of Sciences and use of Abstract Reasoning.

Successful applicants are then provided with elective subjects to fulfill the aim of the program, which is to give the students good grounding in Science, as well as in other subject areas. Thus, students are expected to have more than 11 subjects, all while maintaining good academic standing and participating in extra curricular activities. Students who fail to maintain a GPA higher than the expected minimum grade, which is set by the school, are removed from the Special Science section the following year and are transferred to an appropriate regular section. This is also especially true for those students who receive a grade lower than 80 in any subjects being taken.

Special Science Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10
Science 1. General Science
2. Earth Science
1. Biology
2. Research I
1. Chemistry
2. Advanced Biology
3. Basic Physics
4. Research II
1. Physics
2. Advanced Chemistry
3. Research
Mathematics Elementary Algebra 1. Intermediate Algebra
2. Statistics
3. Basic Geometry
1. Geometry
2. Introductory Trigonometry
1. Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry
2. Pre-Calculus and Analytic Geometry
English 1. Language and Communication Skills 7
2. Developmental Reading
1. Language and Communication Skills 8
2. Creative Writing
1. Language and Communication Skills 9
2. Silent Reading
1. Language and Communication Skills 10
2. Speech Delivery and Debate
Filipino Wika, Panitikan, Kayumanggi 7 at Ibong Adarna Wika, Panitikan, Kayumanggi 8 at Florante At Laura Teoryang Pampanitikan, Kayumanggi 9 at Noli Me Tangere Wika, Panitikan, Kayumanggi 10 at El Filibusterismo
Social Studies Philippine History and Government Asian History World History Economics
MAPEH Music (Theory), Arts (Theory), Physical Education & Health 7 Music (Philippine), Arts (Philippine), Physical Education & Health 8 Music (Asian), Arts (Asian), Physical Education & Health 9 Music (World), Arts, Physical Education & Health 10
Computer Science and Journalism 1. Computer Basics, Parts and Windows
2. Journalism* (Ang Likha)
1. HTML, Frontpage, Adobe Photoshop
2. Journalism* (Ang Likha)
1. Basic C++, Turbo Basic
2. Journalism* (Ang Gabay/Mapazette)
1. C++ Visual Basic
2. Journalism* (Ang Gabay/Mapazette)
Values Education Values Education 7 Values Education 8 Values Education 9 Values Education 10

It should be noted that various electives are limited only to Special Science students and are not offered to students of regular sections. Such subjects are the following: Computer Programming, Research, Statistics, Advance Biology (Biotechnology), Advance Chemistry, Speech Delivery and Debate, Earth and Environmental Science, Creative Writing, Pre-Calculus and Analytic Geometry, and Journalism*.

Journalism is the only elective not required for the Special Science students to take, since they are already taking Computer Science. However, those who chose to take it otherwise may participate in various writing contests within the Manila School Division. Selected students may also represent their school at Regional Journalism contests which are conducted throughout the school year. Regular students who wish to take this subject as their elective are free to do so, and could take the class together with all SS students who are taking this also. While all Journalism student submit an article for the school paper on a regular basis, not all could get their articles get published. Those whose articles are not chosen are then responsible for the layout of the school paper and other technical stuff regarding the publishing.

There are only two Special Science sections in Victorino Mapa High School per year level: SS1 and SS2.

Current Department Heads[edit]

Department Head Department
Mrs. Gloria Galindo(OIC) English Department
Mr. Zacarias M. Bangayan Technology Education Department
Mr. Jose S. Albino Social Studies Department
Mrs. Belen D. Valladolid Science Department
Mrs. Blesilda E. Locara(OIC) Mathematics Department
Mrs. Luisa R. Reyes Home Economics Department
Mrs. Gloria T. Apolinario Filipino Department
Mrs. Rhodora V. Maclang MAPEH Department
Dr. Cecilia S. Concepcion Values Education Department
Mr. Medel G. Marasigan Administrative Officer IV
Ms. Ana Marie S. Arevalo and Mrs. Adelina M. Almonte Guidance Counselors

Supreme Student Government (SSG)[edit]

The Supreme Student Government (SSG) of Victorino Mapa High School is the major organization and program proprietor which is headed by Ms. Perlita A. Concepcion. It promotes good welfare, good student-administration relation and launches program for student development, cleanliness, orderliness, drop-out reduction, anti-drug and smoke campaign, tutorials, seminars, peer-counseling, suggestion wall, leadership trainings and fund—raisings for charity and school programs. SSG also manages all the homeroom officers as well as the interests clubs of the school.

Currently, the highest student power is vested upon Gabriel Dantis of X-OBB, for the SY 2015-2016.

Academic Term President
2007-2008 Jihan Al-Shadifat
2008-2009 Czarina De Leon
2009-2010 Allaine Aaron Corpuz
2010-2011 Renz Francis Sasa
2011-2012 Salvia Dominique Ramos
2012-2013 Wulmar Cerio
2013-2014 Michael Angelo De Chavez
2014–2015 Steven Joseph Ricafrente
2015–Present Gabriel Dantis

91st Foundation Anniversary[edit]

Victorino Mapa High School celebrated its 91st Foundation Anniversary with the theme Sambayanan: Igalaw mo, Pagbangon mo! The celebration started with the Holy Mass which is celebrated at the Annex building together with the principal, Dr. Yolanda F. Tolentino, Ph. D., Dr. Benny M. Abante - Former Congressman of Manila and President of the Alumni Association, other guests, Deped - Manila Executives, department heads, faculty and students. After the mass, there was a musical scenario that shows the hope of the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. At the main building, there was an Awarding Ceremony to those teachers who served the school for twenty (20)consecutive years. After the awarding ceremony, the Mapans showed their talents in presenting their cultural dances at their Field Demonstrations.

92nd Foundation Anniversary[edit]

Victorino Mapa High School celebrates its 92nd Foundation Anniversary with the theme 'Moog ng Pag-asa, Moog ng Tagumpay, 'Yan ang Mapa' by holding the first Intramural Games held by the Music, Arts, PE and Health (MAPEH) Department from February 10–27, 2015. Basketball Varsity players of the school served as the game officials of the games. Also, the Faculty Club of V. Mapa High School gave gratitude to its retiring teachers on the 23rd day of February and on the 27th day of February, there will be a Holy Mass to be followed by the championship of Intramural Games for each Grade/Year Level.

V. Mapa tops National Science Fair[edit]

Two of V. Mapa High School's Science Investigative Projects won in the National Science and Technology fair held Dec. 2-5 at Tagaytay International Convention Center.

"Chitin Nanowires and N/Mn doped Carbon Nanostructures as Thin Film Solar Cell" by Michael Angelo B. De Chavez, Danise B. Chan and John Steven D. Ablong of IV-OBB won in the team category, while Waste Heat Conversion via Thermometric Generator Using Nanostructure Fe/Fe203-doped Titanium Dioxide" by Axl Merk J. Mindajao with contributing authors, Angelica Portia F. Regencia and John Emmeth E. Ardiente won in the individual category.

Meanwhile, the team category was chosen to represent the Philippines in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2014. They will also attend the Science Cliniquing a week before the competition; they will undergo intensive cliniquing with the panel of experts to help them prepare for ISEF 2014. Cliniquing covers the oral presentation skills and personal leadership workshop in order to develop their convincing power while explaining thoroughly their studies to the Intel- ISEF judges.

Boys and Girls Week Celebration 2014[edit]

The Division of City Schools - Manila celebrated the Boys and Girls Week 2014 with where selected students will be the counterpart of the respective Department Heads as stated below:

Position Counterpart Student
PRINCIPAL Jessalyn Butawan, IV-OBB
MATH DEPARTMENT HEAD Aaron Joshua Labonete, IV-3
A.P. DEPARTMENT HEAD Ciarra Lane Regencia, IV-OBB
MAPEH DEPARTMENT HEAD Cherry Rose D. Cabelleza, IV-SS2
LIBRARIAN Marcus Lex Cajusay. IV-OBB
Calvin Mafnas, IV-3
SCHOOL DOCTOR Francis Carl Nadal, IV-4
SCHOOL NURSE Sharmaine Pigaredo, IV-4


Position Counterpart Student
District VI Councilor Dharyl Joy Santos, IV-OBB
District VI Councilor Alexis Jovel Lauan, IV-OBB
Department OIC Steven Joseph Ricafrente, IV-OBB
Department OIC Kane Ria Ilao, IV-OBB

Notable alumni[edit]