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Viktoria Grigoreva is a Kharkiv-born[1] Ukrainian violinist.


Grigoreva began attending Specialist Music School in her hometown at the age of seven. By the age of eleven she have performed Mozart's Fifth Violin Concerto along with Kharkov Chamber Orchestra. After that she attended and then graduated from Gnessin State Musical College where her teacher was Semion Mikitiansky and then continued on her studies with Irina Grebneva. She had a huge success with in Kharkov State Philharmonic in Eastern Europe and following that became professor of its conservatory. She have performed works by Mozart, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Sibelius, Skoryk, Sylvestrov and Wieniawski. She also appeared on the Ukrainian television with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and Kharkov Philharmonic. By 1996 she settled in London where she occasionally performs at Wigmore Hall and plays Valentine Silvestrov's piano works for the British premiere. She also performs at various music festivals such as the Austrian Euro Arts and Young Virtuosi Festival of France, as well as English New Virtuosi and various performances in Sweden and Ukraine. Currently she works as a director of the Tsukanov Scholarship Fund and is a teacher at the Royal College of Music, many students of whom were Wieniawsky, RCMJD, and Martin Musical Competition winners. During her teaching career she was a visiting professor at both Specialist Music School of Sweden and Ukraine and also held posts at London College of Music and Rikkyo School.[2]


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