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Andy Briggs
Born (1972-09-27) September 27, 1972 (age 47)

Andy Briggs (born 27 September 1972 in Liverpool, England)[1] is a British author and screenwriter. He wrote the series and the young adult novels, which are due to be developed into a television series.

Briggs career began as an uncredited writer working on story development for Highlander: The Series in 1991. Since then he has worked alone and with brother Peter Briggs on a number of projects, including the Stan Lee and Robert Evans Paramount Pictures project Foreverman. More recent television work has included story development for the Sci-Fi Channel, BKN Kids and Disney XD.

In the mid-2000s he did some writing for comics,[2] and began to develop his series of young adult novels.[3] This led to new series of young adult Tarzan novels.[4]

Briggs has acknowledged Gordon Boshell's "Captain Cobwebb" books as an early influence.[5] He would often go to places to experience how it feels.


TV & film
  • Passage of the Four (aka Screaming Night) (2002 film) writer
  • Rise of the Gargoyles (2009 TV movie) writer
  • Ghost Town (2009 TV movie) writer
  • Dark Relic (2010 TV movie) writer
  • Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon (2013) writer
  • Legendary: The Shocate (upcoming) writer & executive producer
  • Blake: Double Identity (upcoming TV series) head writer
  • Crowhurst (feature film) writer
  • Kong: King of Skull Island (2007–2008) ISBN 978-1-905692-34-7
  • Ritual (2009) ISBN 978-1-905692-33-0


    • Rise of the Heroes
    • Virus Attack
    • Crisis Point
    • Chaos Effect
    • Inventory
    • Council of Evil
    • Dark Hunter
    • Power Surge
    • Collision course 
    • Inventory 2

(June 2008)
(October 2008)
(July 2009)
(March 2010)


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