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Vince Jukic (born April 1980) is a drummer from Adelaide, Australia. Jukic's most notable work was with Australian rock outfit 28 Days, recording drums on the 2002 release Stealing Chairs.[1]

From 1999-2001 Jukic played with metal band Day of Contempt before eventually departing to join Melbourne act 28 Days,[2] replacing Scott Murray who had been killed in a road accident. After extensive touring, including a North American tour, Jukic left 28 Days in late 2002 and moved back to Adelaide.

Jukic has also played drums with Australian acts One Way Out, Istina, Liability Of My Own, Saving Savanah[3] and Madworld.

In 2010, Jukic co-founded independent record label Wolfcastle Records Australia. The label has since released three albums.


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