Vincenzo Riccati

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Vincenzo Riccati
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Vincenzo Riccati (1707–1775)
Born (1707-01-11)11 January 1707
Castelfranco Veneto, Venetian Republic
Died 17 January 1775(1775-01-17) (aged 68)
Treviso, Venetian Republic
Residence Italy
Nationality Italian
Fields Mathematician and physicist
Institutions College of San Francesco Saverio, Bologna
Pontifical Gregorian University
Academic advisors Jacopo Riccati
Notable students Gian Francesco Malfatti
Known for Hyperbolic functions
He is the son of Jacopo Riccati and the brother of Giordano Riccati.

Vincenzo Riccati (Castelfranco Veneto, 11 January 1707 – Treviso, 17 January 1775) was a Venetian mathematician and physicist. He was the brother of Giordano Riccati, and the second son of Jacopo Riccati.[1] Riccati's main research continued the work of his father in mathematical analysis, especially in the fields of the differential equations and physics.

In 1757 he published the first volume of Opusculorum ad res physicas et mathematicas pertinentium, the second volume appearing in 1762. In collaboration with Hieronymo Saldino he contributed to Institutiones Analyticae, volume one in 1765, volume two in 1767.[2]

De usu motus tractorii in constructione aequationum differentialium (1752)

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