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Violet Solomon Oaklander (born 1927) is a child and adolescent therapist known for her method of integrating Gestalt Therapy theory and practice with play therapy techniques, to create Gestalt Play Therapy. Her book on expressive therapy[1] Windows to Our Children, was first published in 1978, is still in print in 2015 and has been translated into at least 15 languages.[2]


Oaklander's work is used as a point of reference by other therapists who want to incorporate Gestalt therapy with children.[3] Her work has also been used to help support the theoretical foundation of art therapy programs for youth.[4]

Oaklander has traveled across the world, lecturing and teaching workshops on her Gestalt Play Therapy method for mental health professionals.[5]

In 2003, about 20 of her family members and colleagues founded the Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation,[6] a non-profit organization, to continue her work after she retired.[7]


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