Vishal (name)

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Vishal gourh
Pronunciation /vɪʃɑːl/
Gender Male
Language(s) [Hindi]
Meaning great, grandeur, unstoppable
Region of origin India
Other names
Alternative spelling Vishaal, Vishaul, Visal
Nickname(s) Vishu

Vishal ( विशाल) is a first name for males, often found in the South Asian community. Vishal means great, grandeur, magnificence, prominence, illustriousness and eminence. The meaning is also attributive to the property of being grand.


Vishal means supreme consciousness, Great, prominence, eminence, immense, grandeur, magnificence and illustriousness.

Vishal refers to the greatness, grandeur and magnificence of attributes and quality of wide range of things including metaphysical, conceptual, physical, even geographical size supernatural, humans, living beings, objects or even immense reach of something e.g. ideology, popularity, superiority, power, influence.

There is no exact translation for Vishal in English. It is not limited to physical size. Vishal has an implied connotation of being wide, broad, huge, spacious, reach, influence, intellectual attainment, great size or a great expanse.

Some of the few interpretations include:

  • immense
  • the unstoppable one
  • the one who dreams impossible dreams
  • the one who reaches for the sky and is creative beyond all understanding
  • great
  • grandeur
  • magnificence
  • prominence
  • calm
  • eminence
  • supreme consciousness
  • broad minded


The word Vishal finds its origins in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Vishal is also a common adjective found in North and South Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and Gujarati.

Religious significance[edit]

Supreme consciousness[edit]

Vishalta (Hindi & Sanskrit: विशालता) comes from the word Vishal and is a state of mind that is often embraced by different religious and spiritual leaders in India. The word embodies the ultimate state of selflessness, or belief that the body, mind, and all worldly possessions belong to God. One in a state of Vishaltha believes that the body is only a tool for carrying out the wishes of the Lord.


It has been suggested that one of Buddha's favorite resorts, Vaishali, was named after King Vishal, a ruler during the times of Ramayana. There exists a large, but ruined fort, which is believed to be built by King Vishal.

Spelling variations[edit]

Commonly in Sanskrit the name is spelt as Vishaala, since in Sanskrit nouns receive an extra a. In Hindi it is commonly spelt as Vishal.

In Guyana it is commonly spelt as Vishaul.

Related names[edit]

  • Vaishali (Hindi & Sanskrit: वैशाली)
  • Yash (Hindi & Sanskrit: यश) - somewhat similar meaning to Vishal but not exactly

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