Vivir a destiempo

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Vivir a Destiempo
Vivir a Destiempo Oficial Poster.jpg
Genre Drama
black humor
Created by Eric Vonn
Written by Eric Vonn
Directed by Javier Patrón Fox
Fabián Corres
Starring Humberto Zurita
Edith González
Ramiro Fumazoni
Andrea Noli
Martha Verduzco
Juan Manuel Bernal
Veronica Merchant
Theme music composer Jorge Avendaño Lührs
Opening theme "Vivir a Destiempo" by Aranza
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 150[1] (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Fides Velasco
Producer(s) Jacky Castro
Location(s) Mexico City
Cinematography Jorge Medina
Gerardo Saucedo
Editor(s) Mauricio Espejel
Reyna Estudillo
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 39–44 minutes
Production company(s) Azteca
Distributor Azteca Novelas
Original network Azteca Trece
Azteca America
Picture format HDTV, 1080i on Azteca 13 HD
SDTV, 480i on Azteca 13
Original release February 25 (2013-02-25) – September 20, 2013 (2013-09-20)
Preceded by Los Rey
Followed by Hombre Tenías que Ser
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Vivir a Destiempo

Vivir a Destiempo (literally: Living Untimely; official release: Timeless Love) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Fides Velasco and Jacky Castro for Azteca. It stars Edith González and Ramiro Fumazoni as the protagonists alongside Humberto Zurita, Andrea Noli and Wendy de los Cobos as the main villains. The original story and screenplay is written by Eric Vonn. From February 25 to September 20, 2013, Azteca 13 broadcast Vivir a Destiempo, replacing Los Rey.[2][3][4]


  • Eric Vonn has begun writing "A Contratiempo" in December 2012. Due to "A Contratiempo" being registered already by another producer, he changed the title of this telenovela to "Contracorriente". The telenovela changed the title again to "Vivir a Destiempo" because of already registered one by another producer.
  • First promotional aired on Azteca Trece on January 29.
  • Aura Cristina Geithner was initially confirmed for the character "Amparo" but was eventually replaced by Wendy de los Cobos.
  • Filming begun on February 7, 2013. The most of the exterior shots are filmed in Historic center of Mexico City, in Colonia Roma and Colonia Condesa neighborhoods and on Xochimilco Light Rail stations.
  • As the novela has lot of high tone content, Edith González uses double for sex scenes, as she has been doing in all novelas after she gave birth.
  • Due to great success, Azteca's headquarters asked Eric Vonn to extend telenovela from planned 120 episodes to 150. As of June 5, 2013, 100 episodes of screenplay are ready.
  • As of July 16, Eric Vonn has only 9 episodes of screenplay to write till the end.
  • Screenplay of last episode, number 150 was delivered from Eric Vonn to production team on 19 July.

Opening sequence[edit]

Javier "Fox" Patron directed the opening sequence of the series with Alexa camera using cinematographic techniques.[5] On January 31, some parts of opening sequence were filmed. It resumed on February 7. The filming locations are Corredor Madero, Eje vial Lázaro Cárdenas (Bellas Artes, Torre Latinoamericana), Parque Hundido, Xochimilco Light Rail and San Ángel.

Theme song[edit]

Aranza, best known as the singer of Dime, the theme song to Mirada de Mujer, sang the opening theme of the series. The song was written and produced by Jorge Avendaño Lührs, who wrote the theme song to 1993's Corazón Salvaje starring Edith González. In the opening sequence, the second verse is sung in a higher note.

On August 1, Azteca Musica launched the album "Vivir a Destiempo" featuring the theme songs and some popular songs by Aranza.

Autograph session[edit]

The first autograph session was held on April 19 in Mexico City. It is expected to be held in various cities in the United States.[6]

Date Time Location Cast
April 19, 2013[7] 6:00pm Centro Comercial Perisur, Mexico City Edith, Ramiro, Andrea, Juan Manuel, Wendy


Paula Duarte and Alejandro Monroy were happily engaged in their youth. They ended the relationship when Alejandro left to study abroad, forced by his father. His father did not approve of Paula as she did not seem apropiate for him due to her middle-class background. Paula's father, a maniac depressive man, commits suicide. She, her mother and sister are forced to cope alone. Looking for a way to forget Alejandro and the death of her father, Paula begins dating Rogelio Bermúdez. He's a handsome, funny and experienced man, they soon start a relationship and become pregnant. They marry and have two children: Daniel and Tania. Alejandro later in life marries Amparo Ávalos, a beautiful but promiscuous and capricious woman. They have a son, Eduardo. Over the years, Alejandro divorces his wife, sick of the high maintenance of his wife.

Paula and Alejandro meet again many years later, when their children start a relationship upon meeting in university. Over the years her happy relationship with her husband turns sour as she can not forget her past love Alejandro. Rogelio, due to this has become a misogynist and domineering man, with whom she was deeply unhappy. Love struggles to break through again between Paula and Alejandro, but her still intact marriage and children keep them separated.

The story chronicles the lives of all the characters who seem to be immersed in between conflict, love, and ambition. Paula discovers that Rogelio, her husband is cheating with someone she trusts blindly and begins working to feel some independence after her friend offers her a job at her retailor office. Meanwhile, Alejandro continues to pursue her despite her marriage and the idea of being with him stops Paula from working at her marriage. She decides to call of their marriage and give herself a chance to be happy with Alejandro. However, the things prove to become difficult and life stops them at every turn.

Vivir a Destiempo shows the struggle of three middle-class families and two upper class ones to get ahead in a world in crisis. The struggle of parents to rescue their children and show them the right path. The struggle of young people to overcome their problems and define who they are and where they go. Adults and young people in search of their own identity. Love, hate, passion. Sarcasm, black humor, sincere affection, frustrations and great satisfaction. Crude and violent events, tender and emotional stories that lead us to laughter and tears.


Actor Character Description
Humberto Zurita[8] Rogelio Bermúdez Paula's ex-husband, Daniel and Tania's father, Carolina's son-in-law, Sonia's brother-in-law/lover
Edith González[9] Paula Duarte Rogelio's ex-wife, Daniel and Tania's mother, Sonia's sister, Carolina's daughter
Ramiro Fumazoni[10] Alejandro Monroy Amparo's ex-husband, Eduardo's father, Salvador's best friend
Andrea Noli[11] Sonia Duarte Carolina's daughter, Paula's sister, Rogelio's sister-in-law/lover, Julio's biological mother
Martha Verduzco Carolina de Rosario Duarte Paula and Sonia's mother, Daniel, Julio and Tania's grandmother, Rogelio's mother-in-law
Juan Manuel Bernal Patricio Delgado Félix's son, Cristina's husband, Berenice's father
Veronica Merchant Cristina Delgado Patricio's wife, Cristina's mother, Félix's daughter-in-law
Wendy de los Cobos Amparo Ávalos Alejandro's ex-wife, Eduardo's mother, Beatriz and Karina's best friend
Víctor Huggo Martín Salvador Chinchilla Alejandro's best friend, Sonia's ex-boyfriend, Julio's biological father
María Reneé Prudencio Beatriz Valadez Ruíz vda. de Montenegro Julio's foster mother, Alejandro and Amparo's friend
Marcela Guirado Tania Bermúdez Paula and Rogelio's daughter, Daniel's sister, Eduardo's girlfriend
Miriam Higareda[12] Berenice Delgado Patricio and Cristina's daughter, Félix's granddaughter
José González Márquez Félix "El Tigré" Delgado Patricio's father, Cristina's father-in-law, Berenice's grandfather
Carlos Martínez[13] Daniel Bermúdez Rogelio and Paula's son, Tania's brother
Mayra Sierra Mirna Eladío and Chole's daughter, secretary in Monroy Publishing
José Carlos Rodríguez Eladío Mirna's father
Cecilia Romo Ursula Mirna's landlord
Rodolfo Arias Jose Luis Cervantes Member of the swingers club
Amara Villafuerte Leila Host of the swingers club event
Israel Amescua Mauricio Campos Martín and Eleonora's son, Rocio's brother
Luciano Zacharski Eduardo Monroy Alejandro and Amparo's son, Tania's boyfriend, Julio's best friend
German Girotti Julio Montenegro Valadez Sonia and Salvador's son, Beatriz's adopted son, Eduardo's best friend
Roberta Burns Marisol Tania's friend in the rehabilitation clinic
Ivonne Zurita Rocío Campos Martín and Eleonora's daughter, Mauricio's sister
Irene Arcila '
Alfonso Bravo Ernesto Rogelio's hitman
Lorenzo Narváez Fabio Marisol's friend, one of the Berenice's abusers
Gabriela Roel Eleonora Campos Martín's wife, Rocio and Mauricio's mother
Carmen Madrid Karina Gómez Amparo's best friend
Carmen Delgado Chole Mirna's mother
Rafael Sánchez Navarro Martín Campos Eleonora's husband, Rocio and Mauricio's father
Gabriela Barajas Petra Paula's housekeeper, Mirna's friend
Jessica Roteache Liliana Roche Daniel's colleague and girlfriend
Aranza Herself Singer of the main theme song in the episode final