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Vladimir Vukićević
Vladimir Vukićević at the 2010 Mozilla Summit in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.jpg
Vukićević at the 2010 Mozilla Summit in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Born (1979-04-29) April 29, 1979 (age 36)
Known for Major technological contributions to the Mozilla Firefox web browser, WebGL

Vladimir Vukićević, born April 29, 1979, is an American-Serbian Software Engineer who has worked on many open source projects. He is known mostly for his work on open source graphics libraries, including those used in the Mozilla project.


Vukićević at the 2013 Mozilla Summit

In 2006, he began work on a prototype OpenGL 3D context for the <canvas> HTML element which he called Canvas 3D.[1] This work led to the creation of a "Accelerated 3D on the Web" working group within the Khronos Group in order to create a royalty free standard API for OpenGL and OpenGL ES 2.0 capabilities,[2] which produced the WebGL specification.

In 2008, Vukićević publicly criticized Apple for using private interfaces in the Safari web browser to improve its performance, leaving third-party applications such as Firefox without solutions for similar performance problems.[3]

Vukićević made many important contributions to Firefox Mobile/Fennec, including an ARM backend for the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine[4] and the initial port of Fennec to Android.[5]

Vukićević also co-authored the APNG specification in 2004 with Stuart Parmenter.

Vukićević served as the chair of the Khronos WebGL Working Group[6] and now works as a Director of Engineering for Mozilla.[7]


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