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Vojtěch or Vojtech is a Czech and Slovak given name of Slavic origin. It is composed of two parts: voj - war, warrior and "tech" - happy, eager. The name day is 23 April.

The name Adalbert is occasionally associated with Vojtech, due to the saint Adalbert of Prague, however, the two names have no linguistic relationship with each other.

Use in Czech[edit]

The proper Czech spelling of the name is 'Vojtěch'. The name contains two Czech phonology elements. The first is the caron, which is a form of a diacritical mark, over the letter 'e'. The caron modifies the pronunciation of the letter 't' immediately preceding the ě. The second is a digraph at the end of the name: the last two letters 'ch' in fact form a single phoneme (pronounced as a voiceless velar fricative [x]). (The pair 'ch' is the only formal digraph in the Czech alphabet.) Pronounced as "Voy-tekh".

A common shorter version of the name is Vojta, pronounced as Voy-tuh. According to a 2009 survey of the Czech Ministry of Interior, there were over 41 thousand men with the first name Vojtěch in the Czech republic, which made it the 28th most used name in Czech republic.[1]

Use in the Slovak[edit]

The name is spelled without the caron above the letter e.

Foreign variants[edit]

  • Polish: Wojciech, Wojtas, Wojtasek, Wojtak, Wojtek, Wojtczak, Wojcik, Wojcicki, Wojt.
  • Serbian: Vojteh
  • Croatian: Vojtjeh
  • Bulgarian: Vojtech
  • German: Woitke, Witke, Voitke, Voytke, Woytke, Vogtke, Wogtke, Woetke, Wötke, Wotke, Woyzeck, and Wozzeck

Famous bearers[edit]

Vojtech and variants as surname[edit]

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