Volkhov Hydroelectric Station

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Volkhov Hydroelectric Plant
Volkhov hydroelectric plant
Volkhov Hydroelectric Station is located in Leningrad Oblast
Volkhov Hydroelectric Station
Location of the Volkhov Hydroelectric Plant in Leningrad Oblast
Country Russia
Location Volkhov, Leningrad Oblast
Coordinates 59°54′38″N 32°20′35″E / 59.91056°N 32.34306°E / 59.91056; 32.34306Coordinates: 59°54′38″N 32°20′35″E / 59.91056°N 32.34306°E / 59.91056; 32.34306
Status Operational
Construction began 1918
Opening date 1926
Owner(s) TGC-1
Dam and spillways
Impounds Volkhov River
Power station
Installed capacity 86 MW
Annual generation 347 GWh

Volkhov hydroelectric plant (Russian: Волховская ГЭС), named after V.I. Lenin, is a hydroelectric station on the Volkhov River located in the town of Volkhov, Leningrad Oblast, in northwestern Russia. It is the oldest and longest serving hydroelectric plant in Soviet Union and Russia.[1] It is a part of the Ladoga cascade.

Construction work started in 1918. On September 16, 1921 it was included into a GOELRO plan. Genrikh Graftio, one of the founders of the plan, was in charge of the construction of the station. The plant was completed in 1927 with a capacity of 6,000 kilowatts.[2]

In 1993—1996 3 hydroturbines were replaced by a new 12 MW units, other units are planned to be replaced in 2007—2010. After these replacements, the plant is estimated to achieve total power of 98 MW.


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