Volperhausen Castle

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Volperhausen Castle
Burg Volperhausen
Near Morsbach, Oberbergischer Kreis, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Morsbach - Burg Volperhausen 02 ies.jpg
Volperhausen Castle
Coordinates 50°49′55″N 7°42′47″E / 50.832°N 7.713°E / 50.832; 7.713
Height 188 m
Site information
Owner Private
Controlled by Private
Open to
the public
Condition Receive or essential parts.
Site history
Built 1462
In use Until
Materials Quarrystone

Volperhausen Castle (German: Burg Volperhausen) is a castle in the municipality of Morsbach in the Oberbergischer Kreis of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


Volperhausen Castle lies in four kilometres from Morsbach, but is still within the municipal area.


Volperhausen Castle was first mentioned in 1462[citation needed]. The castle was originally in the possession of the Count of Hatzfeld, but in latter years has changed ownership several times.[1] It was earlier an outpost of the castle Crottorf.


Today, the castle consists of a 3-story stone building with a slender staircase tower. The moat existing today, which was also used by the former mill beside the castle house, still "points" to the type of a moated castle. Today a dwelling house stands on the foundation walls of the mill. The castle is a private property and, hence, can be visited only from the outside.


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