Vuelta Ciclista de Chile

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Vuelta de Chile
Race details
Date January
Region Chile
English name Tour of Chile
Local name(s) Vuelta Ciclista de Chile (in Spanish)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI America Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 1976 (1976)
Editions 31 (as of 2012)
First winner  Giovanni Fedrigo (ITA)
Most wins  Luis Fernando Sepúlveda (CHI)
 Marco Arriagada (CHI) (2 wins)
Most recent  Patricio Almonacid (CHI)

The Vuelta Ciclista de Chile is an annual Chilean elite men's professional road cycling stage race first held in 1976.


Rider Team
1976 Italy Fedrigo, GiovanniGiovanni Fedrigo (ITA)
1977 Colombia Londoño, AntonioAntonio Londoño (COL)
1978 Colombia Caceres, NorbertoNorberto Caceres (COL)
1979 Colombia Flores, AlfonsoAlfonso Flores (COL)
1980 Colombia Casas, PlinioPlinio Casas (COL)
1981 Belgium Sommers, MarcMarc Sommers (BEL)
1982 Colombia Rubiano, JulioJulio Rubiano (COL)
1983 Chile Muñoz, RobertoRoberto Muñoz (CHI)
1984 Brazil Ferraro, RenanRenan Ferraro (BRA)
1985 Uruguay Moreira, FedericoFederico Moreira (URU)
1986 Colombia Hernández, José DarioJosé Dario Hernández (COL)
1987 Chile Tormen, PeterPeter Tormen (CHI)
1988 Chile Vera, FernandoFernando Vera (CHI)
1989 Colombia Ortegon, Julio CesarJulio Cesar Ortegon (COL)
1990 Soviet Union Sukhoruchenkov, SergeiSergei Sukhoruchenkov (URS)
1991 Russia Tonkov, PavelPavel Tonkov (RUS)
1992 Kazakhstan Sourkov, YuriYuri Sourkov (KAZ)
No race
1995 Colombia Meza, RicardoRicardo Meza (COL) Pony Malta
1996 France Moreau, ChristopheChristophe Moreau (FRA) Festina–Lotus
1997 France Halgand, PatricePatrice Halgand (FRA) Festina–Lotus
1998 Spain Uriarte, José RamónJosé Ramón Uriarte (ESP) Festina–Lotus
1999 Chile Sepúlveda, Luis FernandoLuis Fernando Sepúlveda (CHI) Bliss Sport
2000 Chile Sepúlveda, Luis FernandoLuis Fernando Sepúlveda (CHI) Publiguías–Trek
2001 Spain Plaza, DavidDavid Plaza (ESP) Festina
2002 Argentina Salas, GonzaloGonzalo Salas (ARG) Líder-Ariel
2003 Chile Arriagada, MarcoMarco Arriagada (CHI) Publiguías
2004 Chile Arriagada, MarcoMarco Arriagada (CHI) Publiguías
2005 Argentina Simón, EdgardoEdgardo Simón (ARG) Líder-Presto
2006 Russia Sartassov, AndreiAndrei Sartassov (RUS) Líder-Presto
No race
2011 Chile Garrido, GonzaloGonzalo Garrido[1] (CHI) T Banc-Skechers
2012 Chile Almonacid, PatricioPatricio Almonacid (CHI) Clos de Pirque-Trek


  1. ^ Marco Arriagada, who initially won the race, tested positive for the use of stanozolol in 4 stages of the Vuelta a Chile and 1 in the Vuelta Independencia Nacional, in January–February 2011. In July, he was suspended by the Chilean federation for 4 years, but in October the ban was brought back to 2 years, until February 2013.

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