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Vukša Veličković (Вукша Величковић, born February 18, 1979) is a Serbian writer, cultural critic,[1] and online producer living in London, UK. He writes about London urban culture on his blog City of Doom[2] and has published essays[3] and magazine articles[4] on pop culture across various media in the UK, Europe and the US.

Velickovic received the Chevening Scholarship in 2010 to complete his master's degree in Identity, Culture and Power from University College London. He is a former Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM)[5] in Vienna.

Velickovic is the Founder and Creative Director of Bturn, online culture magazine for the Balkans.[6] His first novel Gužva ('Crowd'), published by Alexandria Press in 2003, contained a book-soundtrack CD featuring emerging electronic artists from the Balkans. He was the author of If I were column in 'Prestup' magazine, in which he dealt with applied pop-politics, enacting different social roles – the prime minister's chauffeur, a beggar, a TV news presenter, or a transvestite on the trail of a mass grave.

He maintained a column on from 2005-2007 and was the culture editor in Serbian newsmagazine Evropa until its folding in February 2008. He is also a performing artist, interacting his writings with other media such as music, video and photography. His second novel 'Vrt Uzivanja' [Garden of Pleasure] was staged as a multimedia act at international festivals in Belgrade and Zagreb.


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