Captain Vyom

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Captain Vyom
Captain Vyom.jpg
Captain Vyom
Genre Science fiction, Action
Created by Ketan Mehta
Starring Milind Soman
Tom Alter
Opening theme "Captain Vyom"
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 66
Running time Approx. 24 minutes
Original network DD National
Picture format PAL SDTV
Original release 4 January 1998 – 1999

Captain Vyom is an Indian live-action superhero science fiction television series aired on DD National in 1998. It was directed by Ketan Mehta. It starred Milind Soman in the lead role. The series was successful and had gained cult following.

Plot synopsis[edit]

By 2123, humans have conquered the solar system and established space stations on several planets. The earth is governed by World Government, headquartered at Delhi.

As the series begins, Maya is traveling from Earth to Mars and during the journey is hit by a meteor and an unknown life-form is carried onto the spacecraft. After a successful landing on Mars she meets Astro Guru (Shrivallabh Vyas), oldest and wisest man in the world. He is also a scientist and astrologer and is trying to integrate physics and philosophy. After that Maya travels to Io, the moon of Jupiter, where she is to be the new jailer of the most secured prison in the solar system. It holds the 12 most dangerous criminals of the Universe in an incapacitated state. The unknown life-form enters the prison through Maya's shoes and the criminals are awakened. They are aided by an ensuing meteor shower on Io. All 12 criminals escape the prison using their abilities to disable the security system on the prison.

Captain Vyom (Milind Soman), a super soldier, is assigned by World Government and Vishwapramukh - the world President (Tom Alter) to capture the fugitives. He is unaware of his parents and considers himself an orphan. He was raised in a monastery in Ladakh and has acquired superpowers by training in Yoga. He is given a team of exceptionally-powered soldiers to fight the criminals. The team includes Pablo - the pilot, Lieutenant Maya (Kartika Rane), Captain Blaze (Sanjay Singh), Dr. Zen (Divya Palat) - the medic, Fuller (Sanjeev Vatsa) - the engineer, Syd-E - the android (Shehzaad Saeed), and Surya (Jeto Sanjana). They live in a spaceship named Ulka उल्का (meaning meteor) developed by Fuller.

The series evolves as they come across the criminals one by one and capture them. In the end, Captain Vyom has to travel back in time to pursue the 12th inmate Vikaal (Played by Rahul Bose) who tries to kill Dr. Om Swaroop (Milind Soman), to rewrite history. The story takes a turn when Captain Vyom confronts Dr Om Swaroop as they look alike. Soon, Vyom finds out that Dr Swaroop is actually his biological father and seeks more knowledge about his mother. Eventually Captain Vyom is revealed as the grandson of the emperor of Parajeevs - the parasites, an alien race of body parasites from thirteenth dimension. His mother Parchhayee (Nethra Raghuraman) is a daughter of the Kaala Saya, the emperor of Parajeevs making Vyom half-alien.


Ulka Crew
12 Criminals of the Universe
  • Teja / Tejang - The keeper of light (Aditya Sharma)
  • Mohini - The hypnotist (Malvika Singh)
  • Paras - The alchemist (Abhimanyu Raj Singh)
  • Morpho - The shape-shifter (Andy Tharane)
  • Kineto - Master of telekinetic abilities (Ravi Khore)
  • Sonic - The Lord of soundwaves (Dino Morea)
  • Venom - The toxicologist (Madhu Sapre and Achint Kaur)
  • Chhalasur - The illusionist (Faredoon Bhoojwala)
  • Durgati - The biologist (Sushmita Mukherjee[1])
  • Computo - The cyborg (Rukee Dadachani)
  • Gravito - The gravity expert (Joy Fernandes)
  • Vikaal / Chronos - The space and time-traveler (Rahul Bose and Ken Philips)
Other Cast


The futuristic science fiction show was conceived by Ketan Mehta. The special effects were created by Maya Entertainment Ltd. jointly owned by the National Film Development Corporation and Mehta. The series costed three times than the average production at that time due to special effects.[2]

Model and actor Milind Soman was roped in to play the protagonist of the series.[3]

Release and reception[edit]

The series aired in India on DD1 every Sunday 10 am in late 1998. The series received favorable response from audience and critics. It had considerable fan following in the 1990s.[4] The series had rerun on SAB TV. In 2008, Soman expressed his willingness to star in the second season, film or video game if ever produced.[3]

The remastered series was uploaded as a web series from 22 June 2016 to 13 June 2017 on YouTube channel WOW TEENZ by Cosmos Maya.[4][5][6]

Spin-off comics[edit]

A comics based on the television series was published by Diamond Comics in English and several other Indian languages. The comics maintained the storyline of the original television series.[7]


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