WWE Tough Enough 2

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WWE Tough Enough 2
WWE Tough Enough2.jpg
Compilation album by Various artists
Released May 14, 2002
Genre Alternative metal, nu metal, hard rock, post grunge
Label Geffen
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]

WWE Tough Enough 2 is a compilation album of music related to the MTV reality TV series WWE Tough Enough. Cold's "Gone Away" served as the album's single with a popular music video released in mid-April 2002. According to a label spokesperson mere weeks before the album's release, Tough Enough 2 was to include a track by Godsmack.

"Gone Away"[edit]

The album's single, a moody ballad, was originally written for Cold vocalist Scooter Ward's daughter Raven. It focuses on missing family while being on the road and traveling to performances, a necessary evil in both music and professional wrestling. Regarding the song's addition to the Tough Enough 2 album, Ward said:

"Leaving home all the time, never being here because we were on the road — I thought that [wrestlers] must feel the same way because they travel a lot. They leave their family and all that, so I figured I'd just send [what I was working on] to them, thinking they'd never pick it up, but they did."

The song's music video was credited as from Cold's then-forthcoming album Year of the Spider, which wouldn't be released until a year later. Two videos were made, the original having been shot in March 2002 in the group's hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, by director Paul Boyd. In it, the daughter is seen on one of three giant projection screens as Cold perform in a plush, empty theater while fans are projected on the other screens. The audience, some of which traveled from Chicago to be cast into the video, was also treated to a few other Cold songs at the small venue.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Artist Length
1. "Gone Away" Cold 3:14
2. "Crushed" Limp Bizkit 3:23
3. "Take It" Staind 3:34
4. "Falling Apart" Trust Company 3:30
5. "Control" (Acoustic) Puddle of Mudd 4:09
6. "Oh Lisa" Weezer 2:45
7. "Millionaire" Queens of the Stone Age 2:38
8. "Seeing Red" Unwritten Law 3:47
9. "The Bad Touch" (Bully Remix) Bloodhound Gang 3:47
10. "Break Your Silence" Cinder 4:39
11. "Out the Cage" Marz 3:22
12. "Freak of Nature" Sinisstar 4:14
13. "Faithless" Injected 3:20
14. "Feel So Numb" Rob Zombie 3:53


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