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Wagram Music
Logo WAGRAM music.png
Parent companyWagram Music Group
Country of originFrance
LocationParis, Île-de-France
Official websitewww.wagram.fr

Wagram Music is a French independent record label located in Paris.[1] It has a catalog in various music genres such as French pop, Rock and Hard rock, Pop, world, electronic music, Reggae, Soul, Jazz and Blues.[2] Represented artists include Jessy Matador, Caravan Palace, Jack the Ripper and Corneille.[2]

Three record labels with an artistic line were created.

First of all the label Cinq7, with artists as Saez, Dominique A, Gush, Lilli Wood & The Prick, Melanie Pain, Rover, Oxmo Puccino, Tété, The Dø etc.

3ème Bureau, with artists as Orelsan, Casseurs Flowters, Pony Pony Run Run, Naive New Beaters, Brigitte.

The third label is Chapter Two records with artists as Winston Mcanuff and Fixi, Zoufris Maracas, Soviet Suprem, Clinton Fearon, Inna de Yard.

Wagram recently opened Wspectacle, its live company. It manages concerts and tour for artists as Rover, R.Wan, Winston McAnuff.

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