Wahroonga Public School

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Wahroonga Public School
Sydney, New South Wales
TypePublic, comprehensive primary, Independent
MottoLatin: Ad summa
(To the highest)
Established26 May 1944
PrincipalMr Thomas Moth
CampusHigh Blue Gum Forest
Colour(s)Green, Yellow, Purple
Slogan"The Bush School"

Wahroonga Public School is a public school located in Wahroonga, New South Wales and is known as "The Bush School".


The school opened in 1944 when parental groups brought the need for a school in the area to the attention of council members and other community groups. It is the only primary school in Sydney with 2 swimming pools. When the school first opened, it had 11 students, and one teacher/principal. The school celebrated its 60th birthday in 2004.[1] The school continues to grow. In 2007, the school was one of the few schools in the state to increase enrolments.[2] In 2018, they are celebrating the school's 75th birthday.

Over the years, Wahroonga Public School gained many more pupils, increasing to over 700 students in the mid-1990s. The number has fallen to just above 700 students in recent times. Jenny Ryan was appointed as principal in 1997 and eventually left the school in 2003, continuing her career at another school. During her time as principal, she was awarded the "State Government Community Service Award".[3] Graham Hill was principal from 2004 to mid-2010, succeeded by Mr John Benton. The vice-principal is Leonie Hibbert and searching for new vice principal, and the substitute vice-principal, in case of absence of both principals mentioned above, is Jennifer Flynn. Hill made the news in 2004 when he "auctioned" his parking space at the school to raise much needed money for blinds, vents and roof insulation for the kindergarten classrooms at the school.[4]

In 2006, the school's new sports grounds was opened by the Australian Defence minister Brendan Nelson.[5] In the same year, the school community raised over $8000 towards a life saving operation for a kindergarten pupil who attended the school. The toddler also appeared on the "Today" television show to raise more money for the operation.[6]

Extracurricular opportunities[edit]

The school is well known for its music program, run by Anne Seaeugubway (Seage) (2000 – present). It has five bands: Beginner Band, Junior Band, Intermediate Band, Concert Band and a Stage Band (Jazz Band). Each year the bands win prizes at various competitions, such as the Yamaha Music Festival held annually at Wiloughby Town Hall, Chatswood, New South Wales. The Bands are conducted by Tim Ferrier, Abbey and Mark Barnsley (coke) . In 2002 the school was selected by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia for an e-Learning Project. As part of the project, computer equipment was purchased for the installation of an intranet to facilitate learning. The bush school also offers lots of sporting choices and over the year there are several different gala days. It is also one of the few public schools in New South Wales to have a swimming program, which runs over the summer holidays. Swimming lessons are also provided at the school to its year 1-6 students. [7]


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Coordinates: 33°42′56.38″S 151°7′42.46″E / 33.7156611°S 151.1284611°E / -33.7156611; 151.1284611