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Location(s) Toronto Islands, Ontario, Canada
Years active 2005 -

The Wakestock Action Sports and Music Festival is a wakeboarding contest and Canada’s largest action sports and music festival[citation needed]. It is held in Ontario, Canada on the Toronto Islands, Toronto, Ontario. The name Wakestock refers to the famous outdoor music festival Woodstock.


Wakestock was born out of Bala, Ontario.

In 2005, the festival was moved to Toronto Islands from August 11–14. Each year the wakeboard competition is accompanied by a music festival. There are several stages with different bands playing throughout day.

There are also other attractions—in 2005 there was a skatepark set up for anyone with a skateboard. There was a Pro Freestyle Moto X demonstration as well as a rail competition set up for wakeboarders. There are also separate designated alcohol serving areas because the entire festival is for all ages.

Wakestock 2015 was canceled and 2016 never got beyond planning stages.

Move to Collingwood[edit]

On August 9, 2009, Wakestock moved to Collingwood.

2007: Wakestock 10[edit]

The Toronto wakeboarding festival celebrated ten years in 2007 with a 400-square-foot (37 m2) Oakley Pool (designed py Pat Panakos), as well as a music festival featuring the Deftones, Goldfinger, De La Soul, Story of the Year, and Lupe Fiasco on the Telus main stage.

The winners of Wakestock 10 were as follows:

Malibu Boats Pro Expression Session: Men

  • 1st) Phillip Soven
  • 2nd) Andrew Adikinson
  • 3rd) Jeff Weatherall

Malibu Boats Pro Expression Session: Women

  • 1st) Amber Wing
  • 2nd) Sunni-Anne Ball
  • 3rd) Barrett Pearlman

Billabong Pro Railslide

  • 1st) Keith Lidberg
  • 2nd) Aaron Rathy
  • 3rd) Kevin Henshaw

Oakley Pool Jam: Best Trick

  • Shane Bonifay

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