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Waldmeister (Woodruff) is an operetta written by Johann Strauss II. It was first performed on 4 December 1895 at the Theater an der Wien.[1] Although not as popular as some of Strauss' other operettas, such as Der Zigeunerbaron and Die Fledermaus, it was given eighty-eight performances, and was much admired by Johannes Brahms,[2] a friend of the composer.


 \relative b' {
  \new PianoStaff <<
   \new Staff { \key b \minor \time 3/4
    \tempo \markup { 
     \column {
      \line { Gemässigtes Walzer-Tempo. }
    r2 s4 r2 s4 \slashedGrace fis'8( <fis a>2.\pp)\( \slashedGrace d8( <d fis>2.) \slashedGrace a8( <a d>2.)\) <d fis>4( <fis b>8) r <fis b>4 <g b>2.( <a cis>2. <e g>2.~) <e g>2 r4
   \new Dynamics {
   \new Staff { \key b \minor \time 3/4 \clef bass
    d,,4\pp <a' d fis> <a d fis> d, <a' d fis> <a d fis> d, <a' d fis> <a d fis> d, <a' d fis> <a d fis> d, <a' d fis> <a d fis> d, <a' d fis> <a d fis> e <a cis g'> <a cis g'> a, <a' e' g> <a e' g> cis, <a' e' g> <a e' g> a, <a' cis g'> <a cis g'>


Role Voice type Premiere Cast, 4 December 1895
(Conductor: Johann Strauss II)
Botho von Wendt tenor Josef Josephi (de)
Christof Heffele baritone Ehrenfried Kernreuther
Erasmus Friedrich Müller tenor Alexander Girardi
Freda soprano
Jeanette soprano
Malwine contralto
Pauline soprano


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