Wall Street Crash (group)

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Wall Street Crash
Origin London, England
Genres Pop
Years active 1980-2007
Labels Magnet, Mercury
Past members Mary Dunne (1980-?)
Jean Rich (1980-?)
Sharron Skelton (1980-?)
Paul Felber (1980-?)
James Graeme (1980-1987)
Colin Copperfield (1980-?)
Shaun Harris (1980-?)
Ricky Piper (1980-?)
Val Mitchell (1980-1980)
Cori Josias (1980-1981)
Siobhan McCarthy (1980-1983
Peter Olsen (1980-1987)
Maria Morgan (1983-1984)
Sheen Doran (1984-1885)
Karen Page (1985-1987)
Stephen (Steve) Pert (1987-?)
Stephen Sparling (Louis Hoover) (1987-1989)
Lois McLeod (1987-1989)
Dawn Knight (1989-1991)
Mandy Franklin (1991-?)

Wall Street Crash were an English 6-piece (originally 8-piece) vocal group, formed in March 1980 by Keith Strachan.[1][2][3]

They performed in three Royal Variety Shows, and appeared on many TV programmes in the 1980s,[4] including The Morecambe and Wise Show [5] and 3-2-1. Their version of the song You Don't Have to Say You Love Me reached number 8 in Italy in 1983.[6] The group has been through a few changes in line-up, but some were still performing as late as 2005.[7]

Former members include Siobhan McCarthy who went on to play Evita and star in the original cast of Mamma Mia! and also Louis Hoover, who later played Frank Sinatra in the stage production Frank, Sammy and Dean - The Rat Pack.[8]



  • Wall Street Crash (1982), Magnet
  • European Affair (1983), Magnet
  • Wall Street Crash (1983), Magnet - Italian album
  • No Strings Attached (1988), Mercury
  • Do Wop Café (1990), Dino Music
  • Be There (1992), Mercury
  • "Midnight Memories" (2013)


  • "Swing, Swing, Swing" (1982), Magnet
  • "Hey You" (1982), Magnet
  • "Life on Mars" (1982), Magnet
  • "La Banda" (1983), Magnet
  • "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" (1983), Magnet
  • "Susie's Bar", Magnet
  • "Musicman" (1986), Philips
  • "Dancin'"/"Too Shy" (1988), Mercury
  • "Hold on to Love" (1988), Mercury
  • "Call a Reporter" (1989), Mercury
  • "Only a Step Away" (1992), Mercury
  • "Two Hearts"