Walram II, Count of Nassau

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Walram II, Count of Nassau
Bornc. 1220
Noble familyHouse of Nassau
Spouse(s)Adelheid of Katzenelnbogen
FatherHenry II of Nassau
MotherMatilda of Guelders

Walram II of Nassau (c. 1220-1276) was Count of Nassau between c. 1249 and 1276.


Walram was the elder son of Count Henry II of Nassau and Matilda of Guelders.

In about 1247, Henry II abdicated, passing the reign to Walram's younger brother, Otto. Sometime between 1249 and 1251, Walram began to share the reign as Co-Count of Nassau.

Because of continuing disputes with Otto, Walram II divided the inheritance with him on December 17, 1255, beginning a centuries-long political and geographical separation between the two lines of the House of Nassau. The present-day Grand Dukes of Luxemburg are descended from Walram. Walram received all of his father's lands south the Lahn River including Wiesbaden, Idstein, Weilburg and Sonnenberg.

Walram was chief cavalry officer and a secret advisor of Rudolph I, King of Germany.[1]

Walram lost several towns, including Nieder-Lahnstein, Pfaffenhofen and Vallendar to the Archbishop of Trier. He also continued the Dernbacher Feud against Hesse. He died on January 24, 1276), allegedly in mental derangement.

Family and children[edit]

Walram was married before 1250 to Adelheid of Katzenelnbogen (died February 22, 1288 in Mainz), daughter of Count Diether IV of Katzenelnbogen. The union produced the following children:

  1. Matilda, died young.
  2. Imagina (died before 1276), may have married Frederick of Lichtenberg.[1]
  3. Diether (died November 23, 1307), Archbishop and Elector of Trier, 1300-1307.
  4. Adolf (c. 1255-1298), King of Germany from 1292 until 1298.
  5. Robert (died c. 1305)
  6. Walram (died c. 1324)
  7. Richardis (died July 28, 1311), a nun in Klarenthal Abbey and Mainz.
Preceded by
Henry II
Count of Nassau
Succeeded by


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