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Walt Dziedzic, is a retired Minneapolis, Minnesota politician. On his retirement in January 2010, he had spent 50 years as a police officer and inspector, a Minneapolis City Council member, and a Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner.[1]

Dziedzic grew up in Northeast Minneapolis and went to Edison High School where he was an all-city athlete and earned 9 letters in football, baseball, and hockey. He served in the Army during the Korean War, he was at Panmunjom when the treaty was signed. He played professional baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers for three different seasons before going to the College of St. Thomas. After graduation, he taught at DeLaSalle High School for a year in 1960-61. He married Patricia McCarthy before joining the Minneapolis Police Department. During his 16 years there he had "commendations for bravery and promotions for excellence" and worked his way up to Inspector of Police, then lieutenant investigator, and then burglary detective. In 1976, he ran for an open First Ward council seat. He served on the Minneapolis city council representing Northeast for 22 years. He then served on the Park Board for another 12 years where he convinced Jim Lupient to develop a waterpark in Northeast Minneapolis later named Jim Lupient Waterpark. He is co-founder of Art A Whirl and founder of "Seniors Day at the Dome".

In 1997 cover story in the local newsweekly City Pages, journalist Joseph Hart stated that Dziedzic was more than just "some kind of meaty ward boss", he had "transformed his loyal Northeast political base into formidable citywide clout". Hart quoted one Minneapolis politician as referring to Dziedzic as "one of the most prominent politicians" in the city.[2] Dziedzic was particularly proud of working to create the Quarry Shopping Center, the largest retail development in Minneapolis outside of downtown at the time of its construction in the late 1990s.[2]

Dziedzic has six children, three boys and three girls. His daughter, Kari Dziedzic, was elected to the Minnesota Senate in a January 2012 special election.[1] His son, Joe Dziedzic, played two years in the National Hockey League for the Pittsburgh Penguins.


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