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Origin Trondheim, Norway
Genres Punk rock
Past members

Wannskrækk is a Norwegian punk rock band, from Trondheim which gained a cult following. They recorded one album, one compilation and two singles. Their only album was a split with fellow punk band Liliedugg and was named Wannskrækk/Liliedugg - Last Opera/Live Ritz Trondheim 12. juni 84 which was recorded in 1984. Their early material was sung in a heavy Trondheimer dialect.[1] The compilation was "Wannskrækk - Riff (1980-1985)" that was released in 1992. Their singles were Faen Kuler Treffer Aldri Riktig (1981) and " ...12"... " (1982). Wanskrækk performed a concert at Øyafestivalen 2011.[2]

In 2013 the label Oh Yeah! released the single "Reklame for pæng/ Danse hele natta" from their earlier recorded materials.[3]

In 1985 the band changed their name to DumDum Boys.

Last line-up[edit]



  • 1984: Last Opera/X-Mas Funeral Party Live Ritz Trondheim (joint album Wannskrækk/Liliedugg)
  • 1992: Wannskrækk Riff (1980-1985) (Wannskrækk best of album)


  • 1982: ... Wannskrækk .. 12" ..


  • 1981 @Faen Kuler Treffer Aldri Riktig"
  • 2013: "Wannskrækk 7" "
  • 2013: "Reklame for pæng/ Danse hele natta"


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