War Goddess

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War Goddess
War goddess.jpg
Directed byTerence Young
Produced byNino Crisman
Gregorio Sacristán
André Génovès (recut version)
Written byRichard Aubrey (original screenplay)
Arduino Maiuri (as Dino Maiuri)
Robert Graves
Massimo De Rita
Serge de la Roche (screenplay)
Antonio Recoder
Charles Spaak
Luciano Vincenzoni (story)
Terence Young
StarringAlena Johnston
Sabine Sun
Rosanna Yanni
Helga Liné
Luciana Paluzzi
Music byRiz Ortolani
CinematographyAldo Tonti
Alejandro Ulloa
Edited byRoger Dwyre
Release date
Running time
105 minutes
English dub

War Goddess (also known as The Amazons and The Bare-Breasted Warriors) is a 1973 adventure film directed by Terence Young and starring Alena Johnston, Sabine Sun, Rosanna Yanni, Helga Liné, and Luciana Paluzzi.[1] It was a co-production between Italy (where it was released as Le guerriere dal seno nudo), France (where it is known with the title Les amazones), and Spain (where is it is known as Las amazonas).[2]



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