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Warren Klein is an American musician, best known for being a guitarist in The Stooges in spring of 1973,[1] as a founding member & lead guitarist of The Factory with Lowell George (produced by Frank Zappa), and as a member of The Fraternity of Man (Don't Bogart Me).[2] He also played in the band 'Road' with Noel Redding, the band 'Tarantula', and founded groups 'The Emergency', 'Tornado', 'Lazer' (the original), and 'The Wolves'.[2] He studied Indian classical music and was accepted as a disciple of Ravi Shankar at the latter's Kinnara School of Music in Los Angeles.[2] At Shankar's request, he composed and played the music over the montage of stills in the Academy Award-winning film Charly.[3]


A partial discography of his recordings includes:

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