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Warren Klein is an American musician, best known for being a guitarist in The Stooges in spring of 1973,[1] as a founding member & lead guitarist of The Factory with Lowell George (produced by Frank Zappa), and as a member of The Fraternity of Man (Don't Bogart Me). He also played in the band 'Road' with Noel Redding, the band 'Tarantula', and founded groups 'The Emergency', 'Tornado', 'Lazer' (the original), and 'The Wolves'. He studied Indian Classical music and was accepted as a disciple of Ravi Shankar at the Kinnara School of Indian Music in Los Angeles. At Ravi's request, he composed and played the music over the montage of stills in the Academy Award winning movie Charly.[2]


A partial discography of his recordings includes:

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