Water for Canitoga

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Water for Canitoga
Water for Canitoga.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Herbert Selpin
Produced by C.W. Tetting
Written by Emil Burri
Peter Francke
Hans Rehfisch (play)
Otto Eis (play)
Egon Eis (play)
Starring Hans Albers
Charlotte Susa
Josef Sieber
Music by Peter Kreuder
Cinematography Josef Illig
Franz Koch
Edited by Lena Neumann
Distributed by Bavaria Film
Release date
10 March 1939
Running time
119 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Water for Canitoga (German: Wasser für Canitoga) is a 1939 German western film directed by Herbert Selpin and starring Hans Albers, Charlotte Susa and Josef Sieber. The film is a "Northern", set in Canada in 1905 where an engineer is working to construct a new water supply system despite repeated attempts at sabotage.[1] It is based on a play by Hans Rehfisch, Otto Eis and Egon Eis.

It was made at the Bavaria Studios in Munich. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Wilhelm Depenau, Ludwig Reiber and Arthur Schwarz.



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