Wat Langka

Coordinates: 11°33′20.69″N 104°55′38.34″E / 11.5557472°N 104.9273167°E / 11.5557472; 104.9273167
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Wat Langka
Main temple of Wat Langka
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
DistrictChamkar Mon
ProvincePhnom Penh
Wat Langka is located in Cambodia
Wat Langka
Location within Cambodia
Geographic coordinates11°33′20.69″N 104°55′38.34″E / 11.5557472°N 104.9273167°E / 11.5557472; 104.9273167

Wat Langka (Khmer: វត្តលង្កា, UNGEGN: Vôtt Lôngka, ALA-LC: Vatt Langkā, IPA: [ʋɔət laŋkaː]) is a wat in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.[1] It is one of the five ancient pagodas in Phnom Penh that was built in 1422. The construction of Dum Dong as a place of refuge (as a place of refuge) for the storage of the Trinity and as a meeting place for Khmer and Sri Lankan monks. As a reminder of this gathering, this pagoda was also called Wat Lanka. Wat Langka is located southwest of the Independence Monument, Sihanouk Blvd. and St. 51.



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