Watashi to Hōden

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"Watashi to Houden"
A woman wearing a grey dress stands next to electrical wiring, holding a taser.
Compilation album by Shiina Ringo
Released July 2, 2008
Genre J-pop
Label Toshiba EMI
Virgin Music
Shiina Ringo chronology
Heisei Fūzoku
(2007)Heisei Fūzoku2007
Watashi to Houden
Sanmon Gossip
(2009)Sanmon Gossip2009

Watashi to Houden (私と放電?, Me and Electric Discharge) is Shiina Ringo's B-side compilation album. The 2-CD set features most of her B-sides and rarer songs from her solo era, and was released to celebrate her 10th anniversary in the industry. The music video collection DVD "Watashi no Hatsuden (私の発電?, My Generator)" was released on the same day.


The songs were either not featured in previous full albums, or were at least non-album versions. However, not all non-album songs were released in this compilation.

The music video of "Mellow" was produced for this release. The clip was recorded the DVD "Watashi no Hatsuden".

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1
No. Title Length
1. "Suberidai (すべりだい?, Slide)" (from Kōfukuron)  
2. "Unconditional Love (アンコンディショナル・ラブ?)" (from Kabukichō no Joō)  
3. "Remote Controller (リモートコントローラー?, Remote Control)" (from Koko de Kiss Shite.)  
4. "Memai (眩暈?, Vertigo)" (from Koko de Kiss Shite.)  
5. "Rinne Hairaito (輪廻ハイライト?, Transmigration Highlights)" (from Honnou)  
6. "Aozora (あおぞら?, Blue Sky)" (from Honnou)  
7. "Toki ga Bousou Suru (時が暴走する?, Time Drives Recklessly)" (from Kōfukuron)  
8. (Sigma)" (from Gips)  
9. "Tokyo no Hito (東京の女(ひと)?, Tokyo Lady)" (from Gips)  
10. "17" (from Tsumi to Batsu)  
11. "Kimi no Hitomi ni Koi Shiteru (君ノ瞳ニ恋シテル?, Can't Take My Eyes Off You)" (from Tsumi to Batsu)  
Disc 2
No. Title Length
1. "Mellow (メロウ?)" (from Zecchōshū)  
2. "Fukou Jiman (不幸自慢?, Unhappy Pride)" (from Zecchōshū)  
3. "So Cold (喪@ CエNコ瑠ヲュWァ#?)" (from Zecchōshū)  
4. "Aisaika no Chōshoku (愛妻家の朝食?, My Devoted Husband's Breakfast)" (from Mayonaka wa Junketsu)  
5. "Sid to Hakuchūmu (シドと白昼夢?, Sid & Daydreams)" (from Mayonaka wa Junketsu)  
6. "Ishiki ~Sengo Saidaikyū no Bōfūu Kennai Kashō~ (意識~戦後最大級ノ暴風雨圏内歌唱~?, Consciously ~A Song From One of the Greatest Rainstorms of The Post-war Era~)" (from Kuki (STEM) ~Daimyou Asobi hen~)  
7. "Meisai ~Sengo Saidaikyū no Bōfūu Kennai Kashō~ (迷彩~戦後最大級ノ暴風雨圏内歌唱~?, Camouflage ~A Song From One of the Greatest Rainstorms of The Post-war Era~)" (from Kuki (STEM) ~Daimyou Asobi hen~)  
8. "la salle de bain (Bathroom)" (from Ringo no Uta)  
9. "Karisome Otome (カリソメ乙女?, "Temporary" Virgin) (HITOKUCHIZAKA ver.)" (from Kono Yo no Kagiri)  
10. "Sakuran (錯乱?, Confusion) (ONKIO ver.)" (from Kono Yo no Kagiri)  
11. "Ichijiku no Hana (映日紅の花?, Fig Flower)" (from Baishō Ecstasy or Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana: vinyl record)  
Bonus Tracks
No. Title Length
12. "Fukurande kichatta (膨らんできちゃった?, It Expanded)" (from Zecchōshū)  
13. "Hai Hai (はいはい?, Crawling)" (from Zecchōshū)  
14. "Kougousei (光合成?, Photosynthesis)" (from Zecchōshū)