Water polo at the 1928 Summer Olympics

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Water polo

Final results for the water polo tournament at the 1928 Summer Olympics:

Medal summary[edit]

Gold Silver Bronze
 Germany (GER)
Max Amann
Karl Bähre
Emil Benecke
Johann Blank
Otto Cordes
Fritz Gunst
Erich Rademacher
Joachim Rademacher
 Hungary (HUN)
István Barta
Olivér Halassy
Márton Homonnai
Sándor Ivády
Alajos Keserű
Ferenc Keserű
József Vértesy
 France (FRA)
Émile Bulteel
Henri Cuvelier
Paul Dujardin
Jules Keignaert
Henri Padou
Ernest Rogez
Albert Thévenon
Achille Tribouillet
Albert Vandeplancke


For the team rosters see: Water polo at the 1928 Summer Olympics – Men's team squads.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Czechoslovakia 2  
 Great Britain 4      Great Britain 5  
 Switzerland 1      Netherlands 3  
 Netherlands 11        Great Britain 5  
 Belgium 11        Germany 8  
 Ireland 1      Belgium 3
 Germany 5  
     Germany 5
     Hungary 2
 United States 0  
 Hungary 14      Hungary 5  
 Argentina 0        Hungary 5
 Malta 3        France 3  
 Luxembourg 1      Malta 0 Third place
 Spain 0      France 16    Great Britain 1
 France 4    France 8

Participating nations[edit]

Each country was allowed to enter a team of 11 players and they all were eligible for participation.

A total of 109(*) water polo players from 14 nations competed at the Amsterdam Games:

(*) NOTE: There are only players counted, which participated in one game at least.

Final standings[edit]

Place Nation
1  Germany (GER)
2  Hungary (HUN)
3  France (FRA)
4  Great Britain (GBR)
5  United States (USA)
 Netherlands (NED)
 Belgium (BEL)
 Malta (MLT)
9  Argentina (ARG)
 Czechoslovakia (TCH)
 Spain (ESP)
 Switzerland (SUI)
Republic of Ireland Ireland (IRL)
 Luxembourg (LUX)


Coordinates: 52°20′51″N 4°51′22″E / 52.3475°N 4.8561°E / 52.3475; 4.8561