Wee Cooper O'Fife

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"Wee Cooper O'Fife" is a Scottish folk song about a cooper who beats his wife because she will not cook, clean, and sew. It was recorded by Burl Ives on 11 February 1941[1] for his debut album Okeh Presents the Wayfaring Stranger. It has also been recorded by Hedy West, Ed McCurdy, and Ian Campbell.[2]

An American variation of the song, entitled "Risseldy Rosseldy", was sung by the school children in the 1963 film The Birds right before they were attacked by a swarm of birds. "Risseldy Rosseldy" was also featured as a musical number in Wee Sing in Sillyville.

The Wee Cooper O' Fife is also the name of a Scottish country dance devised by Hugh Foss to fit the tune of the folk song, which is unusual in having ten-bar rather eight-bar phrases.[3]

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