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Highest point
Elevation3,739 m (12,267 ft) [citation needed]
Prominence565 m (1,854 ft) [citation needed]
Isolation14.5 kilometres (9.0 mi)
Parent peakWildspitze
Coordinates46°47′52″N 10°43′35″E / 46.79778°N 10.72639°E / 46.79778; 10.72639Coordinates: 46°47′52″N 10°43′35″E / 46.79778°N 10.72639°E / 46.79778; 10.72639
Weißkugel is located in Austria
Location on the Austrian-Italian border
LocationTyrol, Austria /
South Tyrol, Italy
Parent rangeÖtztal Alps
First ascentsummer of 1845 by Johann Gurschler and Josef Weitthalm, or
30 Sep 1861 by Joseph Anton Specht, Leander Klotz, and Nicodem Klotz (or Johann Raffeiner)
Easiest routeGlacier ascent over the south ridge

Weißkugel (German pronunciation: [ˈvaɪ̯sˌkuːɡl̩] (About this soundlisten); Italian: Palla Bianca) or Weißkogel is the second highest mountain in the Ötztal Alps and the third highest mountain in Austria. Featuring many glaciers, it lies on the border between Austria and Italy. The easiest way to climb it is over its southern side.

The ascent by Joseph Anton Specht from Vienna, guided by Leander and Nicodem Klotz from Vent in 1861, was and is usually considered the first. However, personal notes of Archduke John of Austria about his excursion over the Niederjoch from Vent to Schnals in the summer of 1846, made public in 1903, suggest that his guides, Johann Gurschler and Josef Weitthalm from Schnals, had climbed the mountain the previous summer.[1]

According to the second ascensionist, Douglas Freshfield, it has one of the best views in the Tyrol.[2] Though not easily picked out among the mountains, its peak can be seen from Venice.[citation needed]

Brandenburger Haus (right foreground) and Weißkugel (right background) as seen from Fluchtkogel over the Gepatsch glacier. In the distance Königspitze, Monte Zebrù, and Ortler


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