Welcome 2 Ibiza

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Welcome 2 Ibiza
They Came. They Saw. They Partied.
Directed by David Winters
Produced by Andre Bachtiari
Marco Derhy
David Winters
Written by Sean Casey
James Shanks
Starring Mariano Alameda
Mackenzie Astin
Gary Busey
Athena Cansino
Music by Richard Archer
Cinematography James Shanks
Edited by William Watts
Distributed by Alpha Beta Films International
Release date
  • February 2003 (2003-02) (Spain)
Running time
95 min
Country United States
Language English

Welcome 2 Ibiza is an American action comedy film about a young American girl who inherits a rundown bar and then gets involved in a hostage rescue drama. Gary Busey headlines the film, which was shot on location on the Spanish island of Ibiza in 2002 by David Winters. The film was released in Spain and Thailand.


Lauren (Athena Cansino), a young woman from America, learns that her Uncle Sam (director David Winters) has been missing at sea, and that as a result she inherits his beach bar on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. When she arrives, she meets Angelito, a young handsome artist. They go to the bar, only to find it in terrible shape.

Depressed, Lauren returns to town where she meets two more Americans, (Beth and Marilyn) and Crazy Larry. Beth was currently working in a bar, and Marilyn, is a passionate young dancer who was fired after an altercation with a group of drunk buffoons. Crazy Larry, a wacky British DJ was also recently fired for accidentally throwing up on his boss.

Together, the four decide to renovate the bar and get the business running again. Meanwhile, Beth's ex, Nick, has come from the United States to try to get back together with her. They later discover that Angelito's father is being held captive by Cortez, a local gangster (Busey).

Behind the scenes[edit]

The island of Ibiza had an casting call for extras in the movie. This was shot after the tourist season, so casting was entirely locals and expatriates.[1]


Actor Character
Mariano Alameda Angelito
Mackenzie Astin Nick
Gary Busey Cortez
Athena Cansino Lauren
Bárbara Elorrieta Hippie
Antonio Cantos Drag Margarita
Megan Gray Marilyn
Sami Reed Barbara
G.W. Stevens Crazy Larry
Mark Underwood Hippy / Mime
Winters, David Uncle Sam

Release Dates[edit]

Welcome 2 Ibiza was released in Spain in 2003, and in Thailand 2003.


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