Wells Fargo Tower (Las Cruces)

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Wells Fargo Tower
LasCrucesNM WellsFargoTower.jpg
A south view of the Wells Fargo Tower and bank branch.
General information
Status Complete
Type Mixed-use
Location 506 South Main Street
Coordinates 32°18′19″N 106°46′43″W / 32.30526°N 106.77866°W / 32.30526; -106.77866Coordinates: 32°18′19″N 106°46′43″W / 32.30526°N 106.77866°W / 32.30526; -106.77866
Completed 1962
Roof 120 ft (37 m)
Top floor 10
Technical details
Floor count 11
Design and construction
Architect Frank Papen

The Wells Fargo Tower [formerly First National Bank Tower] is a skyscraper located on 506 Main Street in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It opened in 1962 and was originally planned to be only 7 stories tall. The final height of the tower is 120 ft (37 m) and is 10 stories tall above ground, plus a basement floor below ground. Wells Fargo bought the building in 2001 and renamed it, after acquiring First National Bank's parent company. The building has 3 elevators (originally Otis, modernized by Dover); there are restrooms on every floor but the lobby and basement. The building is currently up for sale by its owner, Wells Fargo.

Even though Wells Fargo owns the building and its name is on it, they do not operate in it. Wells Fargo instead operates in an adjacent branch on the corner of Main and Lohman.