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The Wendish People's Party (German: Wendische Volkspartei, Upper Sorbian: Serbska ludowa strona) was a political party of the Sorbs in Weimar Germany from 1919 to 1933. It was led by Jakub Lorenc-Zalěski during its entire existence.


The party was originally known as the Lusatian People's Party (Lausitzer Volkspartei). It ran in the 1920 federal elections, but received just 0.03% of the vote and failed to win a seat.[1] By the May 1924 elections the party had changed its name to the Wendish People's Party. It ran as part of the National Minorities Alliance, but again failed to win a seat, receiving just 0.04% of the national vote.[2]

The December 1924 elections saw the party's vote share halve to 0.02%,[3] whilst in the 1928 elections it again saw a fall in popular support, receiving just 3,111 votes.[4] The party did not contest any further elections.

A new party under the same name was founded in 2005, changing its name to the Lusatian Alliance in 2010.


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