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Shanghai United Media Group(Chinese: 上海报业集团) was established on October 28, 2013 through the merger of the city’s two largest newspaper groups, Jiefang Daily Press Group and Wenhui–Xinmin United Press Group, in order to accelerate media reform and capitalize on the fast growth of Internet media. The merger of Jiefang Daily Group and Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group gave birth to the country's largest newspaper company, SUMG.

The Jiefang Daily Press Group (Chinese解放日报报业集团, is a Chinese- and English-language media company based on the Jiefang Daily, an official daily newspaper of the Shanghai Committee of Communist Party of China. Its daily circulation is about 700,000 copies..

The Wenhui–Xinmin United Press Group (Chinese文汇新民联合报业集团, p Wénhuì–Xīnmín Liánhé Bàoyè Jítuán) is a Chinese- and English-language media company. It was established on July 25, 1998, by the merger of the Xinmin Evening News (est. 1929) and the Wenhui Daily (est. 1938).[1][2] It is the parent company of the English-language Shanghai Daily and publishes foreign editions of its newspapers and magazines in ten countries, including the United States and Australia.


There are a variety of publications under the Shanghai United Press Group, including:

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