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Location Landkreis Barnim, Brandenburg
Coordinates 52°56′0″N 13°43′0″E / 52.93333°N 13.71667°E / 52.93333; 13.71667Coordinates: 52°56′0″N 13°43′0″E / 52.93333°N 13.71667°E / 52.93333; 13.71667
Lake type Glacial lake
Primary inflows Neuer Graben from Grimnitzsee
Primary outflows Werbellinkanal to Oder–Havel Canal
Basin countries Germany
Surface area 7.82 km2 (3.02 sq mi)
Average depth 22.1 m (73 ft)
Max. depth 51 meters (167 ft)
Water volume 0.173 km3 (140,000 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 64 meters (210 ft)

Werbellinsee is a lake in the Barnim district of Brandenburg, Germany. It is located south of Joachimsthal in the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve. The southern shore belongs to the Schorfheide municipality. With a surface area of 7.82 square kilometers (3.02 sq mi) it is the fourth largest lake in Brandenburg and with 51 meters (167 ft) the second deepest (after Lake Stechlin).


Werbellinsee became famous for the Hubertusstock hunting lodge on its western shore, originally built in 1849, later the resort of East German leader Erich Honecker, where he received several official guests, among them West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in December 1981. The eastern shore near the village of Altenhof was the site of a large Young Pioneer camp (Pionierrepublik Wilhelm Pieck).

Today the lake is a popular destination for yachtsmen and the site of several sailing regattas. It is navigable connected with the Oder river and the Baltic Sea.

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