West-Beskidian Piedmont

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West-Beskidian Piedmont
Pogórze Zachodniobeskidzkie (pl)
Západobeskydské podhůří (cs)
Krowia Góra BM1.jpg
Wiśnicki Foothills, southern Poland
Highest point
Peak Skalka
Elevation 964 m (3,163 ft)
Coordinates 49°33′12″N 18°17′54″E / 49.55333°N 18.29833°E / 49.55333; 18.29833Coordinates: 49°33′12″N 18°17′54″E / 49.55333°N 18.29833°E / 49.55333; 18.29833
Vnější Západní Karpaty, d.svg
West-Beskidian Piedmont ranges (marked in red) within the Outer Western Carpathians
Countries Czech Republic and Poland
Regions Moravia, Czech Silesia and Lesser Poland
Parent range Outer Western Carpathians
Borders on Western Beskids and Central Beskidian Piedmont

The West-Beskidian Piedmont (Czech: Západobeskydské podhůří, Polish: Pogórze Zachodniobeskidzkie) is a geological region of the northeastern Czech Republic extending into southern Poland. The relatively modest foothills are considered part of the Outer Western Carpathians.


The West-Beskidian Piedmont consists of four subranges (from west to east):

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