Whakapapa River

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Whakapapa River near Owhango

The Whakapapa River in New Zealand trickles off the Whakapapa skifield of Mount Ruapehu, down the western slopes of the mountain through Owhango before finally merging with the Whanganui River just east of Kakahi at 38°55.92′S 175°24.5′E / 38.93200°S 175.4083°E / -38.93200; 175.4083.

Peter McIntyre had a home overlooking the confluence of the Whanganui and Whakapapa rivers, and painted several oil landscapes of the Whakapapa River. Ironically after his death the Whakapapa River undermined the white pumice cliffs where his house was built and claimed the house as its own.

Occasionally people kayak a 25-kilometre (16 mi) from near Owhango (38°59.80′S 175°23.92′E / 38.99667°S 175.39867°E / -38.99667; 175.39867) to near Kakahi (38°56.41′S 175°24.50′E / 38.94017°S 175.40833°E / -38.94017; 175.40833).


Tributary Name Length (km) km From Mouth Confluence Coordinates
Mount Ruapehu River Source 39°15.67′S 175°33.84′E / 39.26117°S 175.56400°E / -39.26117; 175.56400
Tepure Stream 39°03.54′S 175°23.78′E / 39.05900°S 175.39633°E / -39.05900; 175.39633
Whanganui River River Mouth 0 km 38°55.92′S 175°24.50′E / 38.93200°S 175.40833°E / -38.93200; 175.40833

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