What You Want Is Now

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What You Want Is Now
What You Want Is Now (House of Heroes album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by House of Heroes
Released United States January 14, 2003
Recorded Summer of 2002 at Workbook Studios in Columbus, OH
Genre Christian rock
Length 57:16
Label Vanishing Point Records
Producer Scott Silletta, Jon Chinn
House of Heroes chronology
Ten Months
(as "No Tagbacks")

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What You Want Is Now
House of Heroes
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What You Want Is Now is the first full-length album from the Christian rock band House of Heroes. It was released by Vanishing Point Records and produced by the label founder Scott Silletta of the bands Plankeye and Fanmail. After the release of this album, the band was signed to Gotee Records by its owner and founder, Toby McKeehan. Previously only released on CD and having been out of print for many years, the album was finally released on iTunes in December 2011.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Julia" - 4:07
  2. "Barbara's Birthday" - 4:30
  3. "Mercedes Baby" - 4:04
  4. [untitled] - 2:34
  5. "The Drugs the Drugs" - 5:01
  6. "The Lead Role in the Cage" - 4:35
  7. "Uncomfortable (What You Want Is Now)" - 5:14
  8. "Your Wurlitzer" - 4:11
  9. "Kamikaze Baby" - 3:42
  10. "Honesty" - 4:36
  11. "Something of an Optimist" - 4:16
  12. "Nobody Loves No One" - 5:21
  13. "Katie Baby" - 5:01


  • The song "Mercedes Baby" also appears on the album House of Heroes and the reissue Say No More although the new version is significantly re-worked and re-recorded for the Gotee release.
  • The song "Kamikaze Baby" also appears on the albums House of Heroes and Say No More also re-worked and re-recorded but being retitled "Suicide Baby".
  • Although the song "Uncomfortable (What You Want Is Now)" includes the album title as a part of the track title and in the lyrics, the band also sings the album title numerous times in the song "Nobody Loves No One".