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The Tom Wheatcroft Trophy has been awarded annually since 2002 in recognition of a person who has made significant contributions to the motorsport world and industry. It was founded by Kevin Wheatcroft in commemoration of his father Tom Wheatcroft, a lifelong motorsport enthusiast, team owner, constructor, the owner of Donington Park motor racing circuit and the Donington Grand Prix Collection.[1]

The trophy is a representation of a steering wheel mounted on a Grand Prix car driven by Roger Williamson who was Tom Wheatcroft's protégé in the early 1970s.[1]

The award winners are:

Tom Wheatcroft Memorial Trophy[edit]

Every year since 2010, the Donington Park Racing Association Club has presented a tall silver cup trophy in memory of Tom Wheatcroft, the Tom Wheatcroft Memorial Trophy. It is presented alternately to bikes and cars:[7]