When I Fall in Love... with Both

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When I Fall in Love... with Both
Directed by Samson Chiu
Produced by Derek Yee
Written by Samson Chiu
Siu Kwan-Hung
Starring Michelle Reis
Theresa Lee
Fann Wong
Music by Chiu Tsang-Hei
Lam Chi-Yeung
Cinematography Tang Hong-Bong
Edited by Cheung Ka-Fai
Distributed by Golden Harvest Pictures (China) Ltd.
Film Unlimited
Release date
1 April 2000

When I Fall in Love... with Both (Chinese: 月亮的秘密; pinyin: yuè liàng de mì mì) is a 2000 Hong Kong anthology film consisting of three separate stories. Directed by Samson Chiu, the film stars Hong Kong actresses Michelle Reis and Theresa Lee together with Singaporean actress Fann Wong.

Cast (in order of appearance)[edit]

Cast Role
Fann Wong Joy
James Lye Chi Sing
Peter Ho Sam
Theresa Lee Cherry
James Chan Zhiwu
Sean Chan Zhiwen
Michelle Reis Cece
Alex Fong Chung-Sun Nam
David Wu Tung
Law Kar-ying

Plot summary[edit]

This feminist Hong Kong film comprises three separate stories telling of the predicament of modern women when they have more than one choice of a partner. In Singapore, Fann Wong is a reporter who falls for a shy baker (Peter Ho Yun-Tung) while she’s seeing her suave co-worker (James Lye). Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Theresa Lee is about to marry, but falls for her fiancé's twin brother (the two are played by twins James Chan and Sean Chan). And finally, in Macau, Michelle Reis is stuck between Alex Fong and David Wu, though not in the same way the other two women are.

Production notes[edit]

  • The film cost HKD$3 million to produce and film.
  • The Hong Kong story was shot first, followed by the Macau story, and lastly, the Singapore story.
  • While the Hong Kong and Macau stories were filmed using Cantonese dialogue, the actors in the Singapore story relied on Mandarin dialogue.
  • In the final scene, Fann Wong and Theresa Lee meet up with David Wu in Macau. The filming of that scene took three days.

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