When the Haar Rolls In

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When the Haar Rolls In
When the haar rolls in.jpg
Studio album by James Yorkston
Released 2008
Genre Folk
Label Domino
Producer James Yorkston
James Yorkston chronology
The Year of the Leopard
(2006)The Year of the Leopard2006
When the Haar Rolls In
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Daily Express 4/5 stars link
Guardian Unlimited 3/5 stars link
The List 4/5 stars link
The Skinny 4/5 stars link
The Times 5/5 stars link
Uncut link

When the Haar Rolls In is an album by James Yorkston.

Released on September 1, 2008 in the UK. When the Haar Rolls In is the fourth studio album by Yorkston. The album was released on double 10" vinyl, CD, and in a limited edition discbox set which features the original album in CD and 10" vinyl format, a disc of remixes of Yorkston's songs and a disc of covers of Yorkston's songs.

Norma Waterson, Mike Waterson and Mary Gilhooly feature on the album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "B's Jig"
  2. "Tortoise Regrets Hare"
  3. "Temptation"
  4. "When the Haar Rolls In"
  5. "Queen of Spain"
  6. "Midnight Feast"
  7. "Would You Have Me Born with Wooden Eyes?"
  8. "Summer's Not the Same Without You"
  9. "The Capture of the Horse"

Covers disc[edit]

  1. "The Lang Toun" - Rozi Plain
  2. "In Your Hands" - Pictish Trail & HMS Ginafore
  3. "St. Patrick" - David Thomas Broughton
  4. "Are You Coming Home Tonight?" - Suzy Mangion
  5. "Us Late Travellers" - Charlotte Greig
  6. "Shipwreckers" - Adrian Crowley
  7. "Sweet Jesus" - Nancy Elizabeth
  8. "Tender to the Blues" - Cathal Coughlan
  9. "Summer Song" - U.N.P.O.C.
  10. "Tortoise Regrets Hare" - King Creosote
  11. "Banjo # 2" - John Smith
  12. "Would You Have Me Born with Wooden Eyes?" - Archie Bronson Outfit
  13. "Banjo # 1" - Doogie Paul and the Athletes
  14. "Steady as She Goes" - Viking Moses
  15. "Sail On" - James Yorkston
  16. "Heron" - Jon Hopkins

Remixes disc[edit]

  1. "I Know My Love" - James Yorkston's Remix
  2. "Summer Song" - Dolphin Boy Remix
  3. "Woozy with Cider" - King Biscuit Time Remix
  4. "The River Just Beyond" - On The Fly Remix
  5. "The Capture Of The Horse" - James Yorkston's Remix
  6. "Orgiva Song" - On The Fly Remix
  7. "The Brussels Rambler" - Reuben Taylor's Remix
  8. "Would You Have Me Born with Wooden Eyes?" - Chicken Feed Remix
  9. "When the Haar Rolls In" - King Creosote Remix
  10. "Tortoise Regrets Hare" - Down The Tiny Steps Remix
  11. "The Lang Toun" - Four Tet Remix
  12. "St. Patrick" - James Yorkston's Remix

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