White-faced Black Spanish

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Other names
  • White-faced Spanish
  • White-faced Black Spanish
Country of origin Spain
  • Male: 2.5–3 kg[1]
  • Female: 2–2.5 kg[1]
Egg color white
Comb type single
APA Mediterranean[2]
ABA single comb, clean legged
EE yes[3]
PCGB rare soft feather: light[4]

The Spanish or White-faced Black Spanish, Spanish: 'Cara Blanca' or Española Cara Blanca, is a breed of domestic chicken which originated in Spain, but was largely bred to its present type in Great Britain in the eighteenth century. It is an older breed than the Minorca. It is distributed throughout the world, but is rare in Spain.[1]


This breed was admitted into the American Poultry Association in 1874.


They have glossy black plumage and are closely related to the Minorca and Castellana Negra breeds. Their most distinguishing feature are their white, low-hanging ear-lobes, which are actually overdeveloped. They have a single comb, four toes, and no crest.


Hens are non-sitters, and lay 160–180 white eggs per year, with a weight of about 80 g.[1]


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