White Badge

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White Badge
White Badge.jpg
Hanja 하얀
Revised Romanization Hayan jeonjaeng
McCune–Reischauer Hayan chŏnjaeng
Directed by Chung Ji-young
Produced by Chong Nam-gook
Written by Gong Su-young
Chung Ji-young
Jo Young-chel
Shim Seung-bo
Based on White Badge: A Novel of Korea
by Ahn Jung-hyo
Starring Ahn Sung-ki
Lee Geung-young
Shim Hye-jin
Music by Shin Bung-ha
Cinematography Yoo Yong-kil
Edited by Park Soon-deok
Distributed by Vanguard Cinema (North America)
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)
Running time
124 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

White Badge is a 1992 South Korean war film directed by Chung Ji-young based on the book White Badge: A Novel of Korea by Ahn Jung-hyo.

It depicts the experience of South Korean soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War alongside American troops. White Badge follows the path of two South Korean soldiers as they struggle to deal with their experiences in the Vietnam War.

Plot summary[edit]

Kiju Han, a journalist, must face his memories of Vietnam as he writes a series of articles on the subject for his local newspaper. The articles attract a fellow veteran, Chinsu Pyon, who begins randomly appearing in Han's life. The film, through a series of flashbacks, depicts both the events in Vietnam and their aftermath in the lives of these two soldiers.

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